Jazz and Rogalski Damaschin awarded at the „Valori de Romania 2017” Excellence Gala

Branding, Creativity, People

In front of over 200 top managers in companies, entrepreneurs, culture people, sports men and investors, the Biz magazine team awarded, during the “Valori de Romania” (Values of Romania), 34 of the most respected and performing personalities and Romanian brands.

“Values of Romania presents and celebrated Romanians that are doing performance at international level. They are our true values. About these people Romanians should hear more. About their realizations and stories. About the value that they are building and impose annually in the world with the same signature: Romania,” said about the awarded people, Marta Usurelu, editor-in-chief Biz magazine.

The winners of the Value of Romania 2017 Gala were:

The “Technology / Innovation” category:

  1. Cornel Amariei, Inventor
  2. Aurora Simionescu, Associated Professor at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  3. Daniela Rus, Director, CSAIL, MIT
  4. Ionut Budisteanu, Inventor

The “Champions” category:

  1. Ana Maria Branza, Olympic champion, double world champion and multiple European Champion at Fencing
  2. Elena Pagu, World Champion Marching
  3. Catalina Ponor, World and European Gymnastics Champion
  4. Gheorghe Hagi, Trainer and investor in the Romanian football

The “Architecture” category: Dorin Stefan, architect, professor, theoretician

The “Science and Research” category:

  1. Catalin Copaescu, General Director, Ponderas
  2. Sergiu Stoica, Founding Member The BRAIN Institute in the Monza Hospital

 The “CSR” category:

  1. Melania Medeleanu and Vlad Voiculescu, MagiCamp
  2. Carmen Uscatu, President of Daruieste Viata Association
  3. Gabriela Alexandrescu, President of the Save The Children Association

The “Personalities” category:

  1. The GSP team of journalists: Catalin Tolontan, Razvan Lutac and Mirela Neag
  2. Valeriu Nicolae, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Trainer & Journalist

The “Top Management” category:

  1. Omer Tetik, CEO, Banca Transilvania
  2. Nicolae Zamfir, President The National Institute of Nuclear Physics (IFIN) „Horia Hulubei”
  3. Fady Chreih, CEO, Regina Maria

The “Entrepreneurship” category:

  1. Iulian Stanciu, CEO, eMag
  2. Antonio Eram, CEO, Netopia
  3. Cristina Batlan, Co-founder Musette Group
  4. Florin Talpes, CEO and Founder Bitdefender
  5. Mihai Marcu, President of the Administration Council of Medlife

The “Culture & Art” category:

  1. Dana Bunescu, Montage Editor
  2. Mircea Cartarescu, Writer
  3. Ruxandra Donose, Mezzosoprano
  4. Raluca Știrbat, Pianist
  5. Ana Blandiana
  6. The Jazz Communication and Rogalski Damaschin for the campaign “Save Our Songbirds”
  7. Ada Solomon, Producer
  8. Cristian Mungiu, Director
  9. Marius Manole, Actor