AR creator Plattar launched in Australia

Business, Digital & Media

Plattar, the world’s simplest Augmented Reality (AR) creator, launched in Australia. The Plattar app builder and content management system provides users the ability to add digital layers of their own design to real-world objects and environments. This could be furniture placed in a living room or overlaying instructions on how to use a new tool.

Plattar CEO & founder, Rupert Deans:

AR is fast becoming the most talked about technology in the worlds of business, technology and consumer adoption. It is revolutionizing technology and the scope of its potential applications are only bound by the creativity of those using it.

With that in mind, Plattar’s goal to bring a formerly expensive and inaccessible technology to the wider market has been realized, giving anyone with an idea a simple platform to access a multi-billion dollar industry. The platform allows creating, updating and creating content in real time, being simple to make changes and save them with no code required.

Since a successful $1.1m pre-launch seed funding round in April 2016, Plattar has developed numerous projects for industry leaders and educational establishments such as Red Bull, PWC, Real Estate Australia (REA Group), News Corp, Australia Post, Otago and Swinburne University. These innovations proved successful in driving consumer engagement and uptake, aiding out-of-class learning and securing big business for small companies. Escape to Paradise’s deal with a major hotel chain is Plattar’s most recent example of the impact augmentation can have in the real world. In the first month, Escape to Paradise has seen a 300% ROI through its self-branded Plattar AR application.

Sacha Alagich, Founder at Escape to Paradise, says, “Our customers were completely amazed. The hotels could actually see straight away how the cushions from our range go with their colour themes, making it much easier for them to plan the different products they will need to order for a refurbished project. They were much more confident in their decision and made an order with us on the day.”

Rupert Deans:

Previously, users have found AR expensive to create, hard to manage and requiring a technical skillset. In addition, a big barrier to mass uptake of the technology has always been the need for hardware to be AR enabled. With investment addressing this hardware compatibility and the launch of a platform such as Plattar, the impact AR is going to have on the day-to-day lives of millions upon millions of people is really difficult to describe; its applications are potentially limitless.

This progression in technology will only serve to help solidify AR as the long-term solution to business problems, as opposed to the ‘gimmicky’ market it has typically occupied previously. The market is seeing enormous investment from the likes of Facebook, Google, Alibaba and Apple, with investments totalling over $1bn last year alone, and the market predicted to grow to $120bn by 2020.

“One of the most exciting features of the Plattar launch is putting AR out to the market ahead of the curve,” continues Rupert Deans. “Plattar makes AR easily accessible to SMEs, agencies and developers, which will eventually drive major growth in the field.”

Getting started with Augmented Reality is as easy as clicking here and registering for a 14-day free trial. Alternatively head over to the app stores (Apple | Android), download the Plattar app and scan the image below to reveal an experience.

Plattar is a cloud-based platform that allows brands, publishers and agencies to create, manage and distribute Augmented Reality content in a simple, cost-effective way. The platform comprises a template driven app builder and content management system for managing AR experiences, and can deploy content to any device. Plattar operates on a software as a service subscription model, and for larger projects provides bespoke content solutions and support.