Energy supplier Enel to count white storks in Romania

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Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) and Romanian Enel launched together an app unique in Europe, which will serve to count white storks in Romania. The pilot stork census project will take place in July and August and aims to become a periodical initiative, to help evaluate correctly the white stork population in the country. For that, SOR works on the “Here’s the stork” app, available to all users of mobile smartphones who want to help protect the species.

White stork uses as support for its nest the electricity poles and houses’ roofs, with electrocuting being one of the dangers for this species in the areas where they nest.

The project will help counting the stork population and will offer Enel info to be able to isolate the poles used by storks in order to protect the birds.

Starting 2010 until present, Enel Romania installed on electricity poles 654 supports for storks’ nests and over 3,800 isolating covers in order to protect the birds and reduce the energy breaks caused by their electrocution.