Geometry uses pins to tell the tales of The Royal British Regiment

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Geometry has created the “Every Pin Tells a Tale” campaign for The Royal British Legion, the UK’s largest Armed Forces charity, as part of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. The campaign is meant to generate income to help support all members of the British Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

To commemorate the brave men who fought and lost their lives at Passchendaele, The Royal British Legion, has created a limited-edition of brass poppy pins in association with TMB Art Metal. Each pin is made from British artillery shell fuses found on the battlefield site, each pin contains earth recovered from the fields.  The evocative imagery reflected in the pin tells the story of John Sutherland who was merely 23 when he fought and died in the battle, just one of the 60,083 stories that each pin remembers. Every pin commemorates the life of each of the 60,083 British soldiers who fell at the Battle of Passchendaele – helping their story to live on.

The campaign comes out of the insight that people identify and connect most with shared human stories. At Passchendaele, ordinary people – work colleagues, friends and whole communities – came together to help the war effort and fought an extra-ordinary battle.

“Every Pin Tells a Tale,” created by Geometry UK, will start in UK this month. The integrated campaign includes print, digital and social marketing.


Client – Royal British Legion

Agency – Geometry Global UK

  • Creative Director – Jez Cripps
  • Copywriter – Stephanie Gane
  • Art director – Josh Crossley
  • Business Director – Karl Turley
  • Planner – Brendan Sturrock
  • Project manager – Nathan Royle

Media agency – VCCP Media