Romanian PRO TV group rebrands all its channels – same visual identity and changes in names

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Pro TV media group’s channels will be reunited under the same graphic and visual concept, but also at naming level, so that one identity, one concept, will be used for all the TVs in the group. Starting Monday, August 28th, all group’s channels will include “Pro” in their name, with the channel portfolio consisting in Pro TV, Pro 2 (formerly Acasă TV), Pro Gold (formerly Acasă Gold), Pro X (formerly, Pro Cinema and PRO TV Internațional.

For the entire rebranding process, the internal Pro marketing team developed the idea, strategy, graphical elements and all video materials needed to launch the new umbrella-concept for the Pro channels.

Pro’s rebranding was and still is, because it isn’t yet done, a complex road, that includes also some bumps perfect to make the creativity of all the ones involved jump. It is one of the biggest projects I participated to and I was very happy to work together with a team aiming for big things and with many many resources, ready to solve the problems that might occur along the way. We aimed for an important change at graphic level who would still keep that “heart” from Pro TV with which we all grew and which can bring together under the same umbrella all the other channels. Pro’s heritage was the starting point in all we have done and, besides that, simplicity and coherence were directions we stuck with. We wanted a new Pro for viewers, a Pro who would naturally continue and bring forward the strongest TV brand in Romania

Vasile Alboiu,

Creative Director Pro TV

We prepared for all Romanians one of the biggest changes at brand level that Pro TV Group underwent since launch. I am very proud of the results and I thank to all colleagues who were and continue to be involved in this rebranding process. We are Pro!

Lucia Antal,

Marketing Director Pro TV

The video explaining the idea behind the rebranding, campaign’s promo, was made by Pro team during 2 days of filming, after more then 2 weeks of pre-production (in which there were set all the details regarding the idea, concept, filming places, team etc) and three more weeks of post-production. For 32 hours, over 200 people were involved in producing the promo.