Netflix released “Concrete Football”, a documentary created by agency Yard

Branding, Media

« Concrete Football », a first of its kind film about the culture of street football, is available on Netflix. The deal, forged by Yard, producers of the documentary, and Netflix, underscores the ability of agencies to produce meaningful cultural content.

The documentary delves into the heart of the sport, portraying the life of football… on concrete. At the heart of neighborhoods worldwide, kids and adults alike take to the streets to savor the pure thrill of playing the game. A time when rules can be bent, where gatherings are about friends, style, attitude, wisecracks, laughter, not keeping score. A moment of togetherness, wherever and whenever, all around the world.

To illustrate the concept, the producers turned to some of France’s best players, those who pounded the pavement before becoming stars on the field (Mahrez, Aurier, Benatia, Dembele…). The film also features interviews with some of the biggest names on the French rap scene (Gradur, MHD, Ohplai, Niska…), highlighting the fact that the amateur game is about so much more than just the sport, it’s part of a lifestyle.

With the first film to examine this phenomenon in today’s pop culture, Yard is a pioneer, becoming the first agency to be featured in Netflix’s selection.