Agency g7 delivers mesmerizing consumer activations for PepsiCo

Case Studies, Creativity

In the last few years, Romanian agency g7 has implemented over 10 branding activation campaigns for PepsiCo. Each activation has focused on delivering an innovative approach for the brand through unique experience for consumers.

There are two distinct campaigns that demonstrate this approach, the first was the Pepsi Mixology.

Pepsi Mixology. Mix to impress. 

In 2016, PepsiCo challenged it’s consumers to create unique cocktails using PepsiCo. This was a great way to encourage consumers to reinvigorate their home parties and impress their guests while enjoying PepsiCo.

To engage customers there were in-store demonstrations of how to mix the perfect cocktail. Alongside the in-store demonstrations, a micro-website featuring over 12 unique cocktail recipes made with PepsiCo products on was established. Customers were encouraged to taste the cocktails and then go online and vote for their favorite ones. Engaged customers were rewarded with t-shirts, the very coveted cocktail party kits, and the chance to win one trip for two people to Amsterdam to visit the House of Bols in a lucky draw.

In-store activations took place in 35 key locations throughout the largest cities of Romania. Overall 23,520 people were approached and 15,993 units of the product were sold.

In the best performing locations 19 PepsiCo products / hour were sold. As an early result the sales of PepsiCo grew by 10% in the second week of campaign.

The second campaign focused on promoting Pepsi during the winter months when, due to the weather, it is less popular.

PepsiCo Winter. White nights are a moment. Enjoy them.

The 1st in-store activation developed by PepsiCo Romania was during the winter months and it was an unexpected success. Traditionally the winter season sees the biggest drop off in sales, but in 2016, it was a great one for PepsiCo.

Tapping into the theme of winter, the agency g7 created special areas with amphitheater seating, a Wii console and 2 snowboards where consumers could come to play and “taste” the winter experience.  PepsiCo also had big prizes which ranged from 2x250ml Pepsi, headset + scarf set, winter audio headphones, 4-ball set, voucher for winter equipment, to 2-person trip to Iceland and a 4-person trip to Austria.

By activating in only 5 of the largest retailers with 270 POSM’s & other visibility materials designed and executed by g7, PepsiCo almost reached 95,260 people and managed to sell 68,794 products, which is the same volume of sales the company usually registers during peak sales season.

Activating in 133 locations with a total of 9526 hours, PepsiCo sold 17 products / hour in the most performing IKA and 40,096 prizes were given away.

These are just two examples of how g7 continues to innovate and engage customers in-store.