Nordic Startup Awards designated its winners

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Nordic Startup Awards emerged five years ago as a platform to connect Nordic founders, community builders and influencers through competitions, showcases and events. The platform soon developed into Global Startup Awards, also covering in particular the regions of Southeast Asia, South Asia and Central Europe.

We believe that the Startup ecosystems around the world will play a crucial role in shaping the future for the better. We want to support and help the top 1% of the stakeholders from these ecosystems

 Kim Balle,

co-founder and CEO of the Nordic and Global Startup Awards

The Gala held in Stockholm on 18th of October, marked the end of a 6-month long process involving 25+ ambasasadors, 40+ national jury members, 35+ regional jury members, plus all the participants building the backbone of the competition. It was hosted by Cozette Watchmeister and Richard Lindh, whom also created an surprising artistical moment together with dancers from Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium – an adaptation of Irving Berlin’s “There’s No Business Like Show Business“, with emphasis on entrepreneurship. Also more, a common line uttered during the evening was “my network is your network”.

Here are the winners of the 2017 edition:

Startup of the Year – Min Doktor (Sweden)

  • MinDoktor was founded 2013 in Malmö. Min Doktor is Sweden’s first and largest digital health care provider with the majority of the end consumer and health insurance market. Patients can interact 24/7 with a doctor/physician via their favorite device through an asynchronous chat service.

Investor of the Year – Hampus Jakobsson (Sweden)

  • Hampus is a Malmö-based entrepreneur and investor. He also a co-founder of the VC firm Nordic Makers. He has made over 65 investments. He likes deep tech built by agile minds. Originally computer science engineer who founded two startups.

Founder of the Year – Magnus Nyhlén (Sweden)

  • Magnus is an entrepreneur from Sweden. Magnus is a co-founder of Min Doktor. Min Doktor is a platform that allows you to consult a doctor online.

Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative – Frumbjörg (Iceland)

  • Frumbjörg opened 2016 in Reykjavik. – They are an innovation center supporting solutions for the disabled. They launched after a successful Karolina Fund campaign which raised €39,000.

Best Social Impact Startup – TRINE (Sweden)

  • Trine was founded 2015 in Gothenburg. They utilize crowdfunding campaigns to finance solar projects. They have invested over €1.9 million been invested in solar.

Best Newcomer – Kubo Robotics (Denmark)

  • KUBO Robotics was founded in 2015. Their educational robots are designed to teach children. Abstract concepts are broken down into puzzles. Kubo started as a research-based project at the University of Southern Denmark. The intention behind the project was to give children a basic understanding of coding before the learn to read and write, without the use of a tablet or computer.

Best IoT Startup – Disruptive Technologies (Norway)

  • Disruptive Technologies was founded 2013 in Bergen. They produce sensors that can detect touch, proximity, and temperature. Their platform can easily integrate data into your application or IT systems.

Best Health/Lifestyle Tech Startup – CELLINK (Sweden)

  • CELLINK was founded 2016 in Gothenburg. They produce a range of products in the field of 3D bioprinting. Their biolinks can be used for the printing of human organs and tissue.

Best Food Tech Startup – Too Good To Go (Denmark)

  • Too Good to Go was founded 2015 in Copenhagen. Their platform lets users purchase surplus food from restaurants. Their fight against food waste has already expanded to Germany, the Netherlands, and the U.K.

Best Fintech Startup – Huddlestock Capital (Norway)

  • Huddlestock was founded 2014 in Oslo.It is an investing platform where investors can put their money into ideas. When investors earn a profit, a percentage is paid to the idea’s owner.

Best Coworking Space – Founders House (Denmark)

  • Founder House is located in Copenhagen’s “Startup Village.” They focus on helping scalable tech companies. Some of their alumni include BoligSurf, #CPHFTW, and AirBnB. Founders House is dedicated to providing the best space for talented die-hard tech entrepreneurs

Best Bootstrapped – (Finland)

  • was founded 2013 in Helsinki. Vainu transforms disorganized data into insightful sales leads. Their platform lets you easily identify valuable prospects.

Best Accelerator Program – Accelerace (Denmark)

  • Accelerace was founded 2008 in Copenhagen. Their industry-specific teams help startups identify scalable business models. They have helped over 250 startups raise more than $269 million in funding. Accelerace is one of the world’s top 10 seed accelerators.

Best Pan-Nordic Community Initiative – The Nordic Web

  • The Nordic Web was founded 2014 in Copenhagen. Their site is an online resource for entrepreneurs and investors researching the Nordic startup ecosystem. They provide high quality data and analysis regarding businesses and investments, as well as bespoke reports.

People’s Choice – MentorDanmark (Denmark)

  • MentorDanmark is an online tutoring service founded in Copenhagen. They have helped over 20,000 families within three years. They have offices in Copenhagen and Oslo.

Here’s a teaser showcasing the amplitude of the Nordic Startup Awards:

Material written by Lucian Talpes