Zulu Alpha Kilo launched Bake&Wake for their agency holiday card

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Zulu Alpha Kilo has mixed the bizarre with the charitable for their turkey themed agency holiday card. The “card” takes a three-pronged approach. The first is a product the agency has created called Bake & Wake. It’s a caffeinated turkey rub crafted to keep you awake and alert after a sleep-inducing turkey binge.  Zulu partnered with a local artisan spice house, First Spice Mixing Company LTD to create the rub and Zulu designed the packaging in-house.

The second prong is a video entitled Turkey Rub, featuring an Australian masseuse who delicately tenderizes a real turkey using a combination of massage and relaxation techniques. The 15-minute video covers the entire session, including application of the butter, inserting of the stuffing, shiatsu massage, and of course, seasoning the bird with the Bake & Wake turkey rub.

The agency also showed its charitable side by donating 150 turkeys to Second Harvest, a food rescue organization that provides 30,000 meals a day in Toronto.

In Christmases past, the agency fed 8,000 homeless people through its Singing Zuligans site, and created the Kringl app in partnership with Make A Wish Canada, bringing Santa into over 500,000 homes around the world.


  • Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
  • Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
  • Creative Director: Ian Simpson, Catherine Allen
  • Art Director: Manali Kulkarni
  • Writer: Dylan Verwey
  • Designer: Jack Curtis
  • Agency Producer: Cherie O’Connor (video) Laura Dubcovsky (print)
  • Director: Zak Mroueh
  • Account Team:  Matt Sinuita, Eric Kormos
  • Digital Strategy: Sean Bell
  • Mac Artist: Ashleigh O’Brien, Greg Heptinstall
  • Production House: zulubot
  • Production House Producer: Marc Millard
  • Director of Photography: Rob Dutchin
  • Casting Director: Shasta Lutz
  • Masseuse: Chris Wilson
  • Video Post Facility / Editing Company: zulubot
  • Editor: Max Lawlor
  • Audio Post Facility/Music House: zulubot
  • Producer: Jolette Samuel
  • Engineer: Stephen Stepanic
  • Printer: Pad Print Extreme, The Printing House