#ShutUpDeath, a campaign for Médecins du Monde signed by DDB° Paris

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More than a campaign signature, it’s the rallying cry that drives Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World). In the face of tragedy and injustice, politeness is out of place.Imagined by DDB° Paris, this campaign demonstrates the involvement of Médecins du Monde around the world and the diversity of its actions to silence death.

The operation is adapted through a film, a series of five posters and via social networks.

The film (online, TV and cinema) directed by Felipe Vellas champions those men and women who never give up. It is an opportunity for Médecins du Monde to communicate on its specificities: transmission and training.

The film is paced by actions: by those actions that travel, that we teach and that survive after our intervention. These are saving actions. These are actions that silence death. Because real change takes place over time, because the people helped have a role to play in the evolution of their own society, Médecins du Monde is committed to giving them the means.

Dr. Françoise Sivignon,

President of Médecins du Monde

Felipe Vellas, a Brazilian filmmaker renowned for his film Soul for Leica in 2013 (5 Lions at Cannes and 18 international awards), renews the feat with a poignant film with a gripping, realistic quasi-documentary aesthetic.

Produced by production companies Frenzy and Saigon, the film was created with an incredible involvement and commitment by both productions and teams on site.

Bringing a message of hope and solidarity, the poster campaign also carries the slogan “Shut Up Death” with visuals from the famous Magnum photography agency. These posters address the different aspects of the work of the association that is “silencing death”.

Each of the 5 visuals addresses a cause advocated by Médecins du Monde: The war in Yemen, ethnic cleansing raging in Burma, as well as the fate of migrants in France or elsewhere, and access to healthcare for communities in Pakistan. So many actions lead Médecins du Monde to defend life and silence death.

Credits :

  • Agency : DDB° Paris
  • Advertiser : Médecins du monde
  • Advertiser executives : Justine Roche, Amélie Churlet, Jean-Baptiste Matray
  • Agency executives : Camille Passot, Marie-Elise ARCHAMBAUD,
  • Executive Creative Director : Alexander KALCHEV
    Creative Director : Alexis BENBEHE, Pierre MATHONAT
  • TV Producer : Florence GABET
  • Director : Felipe VELLAS
  • Production House : Frenzy
  • Local Production and Post-Production : Saïgon / NASH Production
  • Producer : Alexandra FUNADA
  • Director of Photography: Pierre DE KERCHOVE
  • Post-Production Coordinator : Virgini FARES
  • Editor : Rami D’AGUIAR
  • Sound Production : Antfood / THE
  • Print Production : Christine GARCIA GUICHETEAU
  • Art Buyer : Anne-Catherine PERIAC