Jung von Matt and Thomas Cook Airlines UK make it “Aircrafted for you”

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Jung von Matt and Thomas Cook Airlines worked together to bring to life a new brand positioning, “Aircrafted for you”, organizing the experience of a lifetime for two passengers flying from Manchester to Tenerife. This happened after, last year, the airline invited its passengers to enter a competition and share the story of their special someone who deserves a unique completely personalized flying experience on
board one of TCA’s planes.

Roy Hewitt entered for his beloved wife Anne. Roy had been unwell last year and therefore missed his planned holiday with the love of his life for
of over 44 years, Anne. Feeling better, Roy booked another trip to their destination of choice, Tenerife, in January 2018 and wanted to make it extra
special for his spouse, to make up for the unfortunate 2017 trip.

The agency and the airline conspired with their family and aircrafted for the lucky couple a wide range of surprises. Involving, among others, the Manchester Airport Choir performing a piece composed for the occasion and a special cake shared with the entire terminal. But the biggest surprise came on board.



Production Company: Wild Stag Studios UK
Jamie O’Mara – Director
Mia Xerri – Producer
Dave Neale – DOP
Al Pott – 3rd Camera Operator
Dan Guest – Sound Recording
Joshua Fletcher – Art Director
James Eldridge – Editor and Production Assistant
Kate Leighton – Runner
Josh Bevan – Singer Songwriter
The Manchester Airport Choir
Post Production: The Edit
Cake design: TuckBox

Client: Thomas Cook Airlines
Helen Milestone – Head of Group Digital Marketing
Brid O´Connell – Social Media Manager
Beth Harrison – Social Media Assistant

Agency: Jung von Matt/Spree Berlin
Inka Weigl – Project Manager
Miguel Paz Chagoya – Account Director
Elena Knittelfelder – Art Director
Simon Knittel – Copywriter
Mihai Gongu – Creative Director
Matthias Van de Sand – Head of TV
Evilda Nikander – Digital Creative Director