Romanian Adrenallina Sports PR & more launched a new division 

Business, PR, Specialized Communication

Adrenallina Sports PR & more, the first PR & events agency dedicated to sports, healthy lifestyle & wellness communication in Romania, launched a new division of training programs targeting corporate employees – Feel the Energy.

The programs are custom made, pending on the company’s objectives and the specific needs of the team.

A personalized program may include: nutrition workshops, healthy lifestyle, balance/ wellness, sport/ physical activity/ flexibility and mobility at the office, inspiration through sport, but also sports training for the corporate teams that prepare for a sport related objective.

The agency developed a dedicated team for this division: nutrition specialists, fitness coaches, athletes (amateur & professionals), but also a HR specialist, for an organizational diagnosis assessing the specific needs of the program participants.

A corporate training division is a business move that we were planning from the very beginning of our agency niched in sport, healthy lifestyle and wellness, but we waited to grow, together with the market. And we might have helped its evolution in this regard – all our actions were meant to promote and raise awareness for the benefits of physical activity and how it can change your life. Especially in the corporate area, where stress is a big issue, a balance formula is needed, one that can help people be more happy, healthy and energetic. Besides the fact that all these translate in an increased business productivity, the company will also build a compelling employer brand, gaining important competitive advantages in the labor market.

Roxana Lupu,

Managing Partner Adrenallina Sports PR & more


Part of the Feel the Energy training programs can be found on the agency’s website.

Adrenallina Sports PR & more also developed a signature business events platform, focusing on education and debate in areas such as sports marketing, communication strategies and campaigns for health & wellness brands; this year will launch a new series of events about employee loyalty & motivation.  

Adrenallina Sports PR & more is the first PR agency dedicated to sports, healthy lifestyle & wellness communication in Romania, offering services like strategy & sports branding, corporate strategy for corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects related to sport, internal communication & motivation through sport & healthy lifestyle programs.