Jazz signs the second campaign for Avon on the “Time from your time” platform

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Last year, Avon and Jazz launched on March 8 the first part of the “Time from your time” campaign, based on the premise that, on the woman celebration day, one doesn’t need useless – even if cute – attentions but appreciates more her boyfriend or husband offering her time, from his time.

The face of the campaign, singer Antonia sings to men about how they can do household chores on March 8, at the very moment when they were thinking about the present to offer to the women in their lives. The campaign achieved fast success and went viral, climbing on YouTube Leaderboard and becoming one of the most awarded Avon campaigns in the PR, digital and creativity festivals.

In 2018, Avon takes a step even further and becomes the first brand that takes attitude on a very hot and painful topic at the moment for couples: the time spent together that is invaded by the small and big screens.

Avon’s plea this year is that March 8 becomes March 8ffline, the day in which he takes the first step and leaves the phone, looks into her eyes, listens to her and they “re-become a couple” in the real world. Time from your time becomes time spend together, truly, away from screens and filters.

I must admit that I was the happiest by the chosen words. From the pitch stage and until the production stage not a word was changed from our proposal. That and the fact that the girls from Avon felt also the truth behind each of those words. So did Antonia

Alina Varlanuta,

group creative director at Jazz.


The campaign talks about the authentic relationships. We encourage the people that the few time they have alongside the dear ones to take down every double tap in social media. On March 8ffline we will not count likes, but moments, memories and emotions

Ana Nicolae,

Sr. PR & Advertising Specialist, AVON.

Besides the online clips, the campaign rolled on radio and on many Avon Space surprises, all in connection with the offline. Moreover, on March 8, Avon Space was for the first time offline.

The Avon team: Ana Nicolae – Sr. PR & Advertising Specialist, Alexandra Maier – PR Manager Romania and Moldova, Nichita Paleu – Content Marketing Specialist, Laurentiu Mitrea – Omnichannel Commerce Lead.

The Jazz team: Valentin Suciu – Creative Partner, Andreea Ghenoiu – Deputy Creative Director, Alina Varlanuta – Group Creative Director, Roxana Cozaru – Head of Art, Alecsandra Roman – Head of Strategy, Andreea Calarasu – Creative Planner, Georgiana Rotaru – Account Director, Alexandra Coanca – Account Executive.

The production team: Mircea Cioban – Producer – Blind Cat Production, Vlad Gliga – Production coordinator – Blind Cat Production, Adrian Horobet – Direction and Vlad Dobrescu – Music.