The Alternative School launched a selection for Roger Hatchuel Academy in Romania

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For the 14th year in the row,  The Alternative School launched, in Romania, the selection for Roger Hatchuel Academy, targeting mainly students from universities with focus on communication disciplines.

Roger Hatchuel Academy is a prestigious career accelerator for young people aged 18-23 y.o. Around 30 students with different nationalities are reuniting in Cannes Lions after they previously won the local competitions in their countries of origin.

During Cannes Lions, they have the chance to meet creatives, communicators and clients who draw the trends in global creativity, to ask them questions and to solve impeccably briefs to ad-hoc workshops that can be sparked during the meetings with those admitted to the academy

To qualify for Cannes, Romanian competitors must post on their personal Facebook profile the solution for the competition brief and to send the link for evaluation to by April 24th. The winner will be announced end of April in social media and press.

The first round of evaluations will be made by veterans from The Alternative School who qualified for Roger Hatchuel over the years and who have today remarkable careers. The 2018 jury includes Anca Ifrim – art director, Heist Industries and trainer visual languages at The Alternative School, Ioana Halunga, UX consultant for clients from Switzerland, Singapore, France and Middle East, Mara Cristina – Brand manager MiniPrix and trainer in creative thinking at Lauder School.

The 4 designated finalists will enter the final evaluation round – interview with Teodora Migdalovici, founder The Alternative School and ambassador Cannes Lions in Romania. The winner will represent Romania to Roger Hatchuel Academy, having access to the entire study experience offered by Cannes Lions.

Competition’s brief consists in preparing a campaign proposal that would change perception regarding Romanian women’s reputation in international media, starting with creative industries.

The materials that must be delivered as part of the solution are the insight (100 signs), explanation of the strategy (300 signs), the method and algorithms used to increase project’s visibility in digital (300 signs), expected results (100 signs). Besides the written explanation, the proposal must include 3 visual solutions (a Facebook cover and other 2 solution for declinations for channels the competitors are considering suited to run their strategy on). A condition that must be considered is that ideas must be declined using tech that wasn’t available or was in incipient stages 5 years ago.

The competition is an individual one, targeting young people aged 18-23 y.o. The former students from The Alternative School who qualified for the previous editions of Cannes Lions cannot participate to the 2018 selection, so other generations would have the possibility to experiment the festival. Moreover, The Alternative School will cover the costs associated to the competition, to the presence in Cannes and the plane ticket, while the rest of the expenses for transportation and food will be student’s responsibility. More details can be requested at