Swiss condiments brand Thomy takes an exotic trip around the world with Walker Zurich

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Thomy, the Swiss condiments brand, is taking a new direction in its product and advertising with a visually captivating ad campaign led by award winning Zurich agency, Walker. The fresh approach launched on May 3 2018 with three commercials: Princess, Union and Girlfriend, for Thomy’s new range of mustards, chilled dips and salad dressings.

Each film focuses on the authentic ingredients found within the condiments and transports the viewer to different parts of the globe to tell three stories that evoke colorful sights, sounds and exotic flavors. The ad campaign will run on TV and online in Switzerland. The commercials will also be supported by a poster campaign and in store promotions.

Princess begins in ancient Persia where a young girl sits majestically on a tented throne, flanked by guards and two hungry lions. The locals queue for miles in the baking desert in order to offer her gifts. But it’s the audacity of one mysterious man who offers her a single egg that gets her and her lions’ full attention. Her indignation is soon quelled when her loyal subject magically applies some Thomy saffron infused mustard. The scene then changes to see that our princess is in fact an ordinary young girl, role playing with her grandfather in a makeshift tent. Her ‘lion’ sits next to her in the form of a cat.

Union takes viewers to a Tuscan farmhouse in 18th century Italy where we witness a fight between two mismatched lovers. Olivia and Balsamico (who personify olive oil and Balsamic vinegar respectively) battle one another only to unite in harmony – a metaphor for the incompatible natures of oil and vinegar. Finally their struggle is rewarded when they discover a way to finally be together in the form of Thomy Balsamico chilled salad dressing. The scene moves from Italy to Switzerland where we reveal our warring pair are just a regular couple enjoying dinner together.

Girlfriend goes to India in the 1800’s at the height of the British Raj. A grand home coming party for an Indian Prince takes a surprising turn when he arrives home with his new, Western girlfriend. However, his partner soon makes herself at home by performing a flawless Bollywood dance routine, which ends with her presenting a dish of THOMY Curry Sauce. The guests wait with baited breath as the Prince’s stern-looking mother samples the dip. Her reaction takes us to modern day Switzerland where our prince and his girlfriend turn out to be an ordinary couple visiting his parents. Fortunately mother India likes what’s she tasting and gives her nod of approval.

We’re thrilled to have been chosen to help to move THOMY into a new era and transform its classic brand into something truly creative. The production of these evocative ads was spread across XX countries, including India, Italy and Persia to show the breadth of provenance of the products available to its customers.

Pius Walker,

Creative Director walker Zurich 

The TV spots were directed by Jim Gilchrist and produced by Outsider London.


  • Nestlé Suisse – Olivier Quillet, Marco Zanchi, Mandy Strebel, Leslie Bronsztejn
  • Creative Director – Pius Walker
  • Writer – Roger Beckett, Catherine Elf
  • Art Director – Stefanie Huber, Delia Guerriero, Emma Hoti, Mirjam Kosic
  • Agency Producer – Cornelia Nuenlist
  • Director – Jim Gilchrist
  • Producer – Tex Travi
  • Local Producer – Libbi Ball (South Africa)
  • Local Producer – Abhijeet Chhabra (India)
  • Dop – Mark Patten
  • Prod Designer – Nick Foley-Oates
  • 1st AD – Barry Coldham
  • Offline Editor – Ben Campbell (Cut&Run, London)
  • Telecine – Jean-Clement Soret (MPC, London)
  • Online Producer – Phillip Whalley (MPC, London)
  • Flame Ops – Adam Crocker & Dan Lorenzini (MPC, London)
  • Sound – Parv Thind (wave, London)
  • Music – Johnny de’Ath, Colin Schmid & Federico Bettini (JingleJungle)

It may be The World’s Smallest Agency but Zurich-based Walker is renowned for its big ideas and passionate execution. This has led to Cannes Lion and D&AD award winning campaigns for clients as diverse as Amnesty International (Not here, but now), Fleurop-Interflora (The power of flowers) and Hyposwiss Private Bank (Expect the expected). Founded in 2002 and independently owned, this creative powerhouse took top honors this year when its Fleurop-Interflora Anniversary commercial directed by late British icon Anthony Minghella was awarded Best Swiss Commercial of all times.