MRM//McCann Romania and KFC launched Studycoin to help students with their Baccalaureate exam

Digital & Media, Marketing

MRM//McCann Romania and KFC launched a campaign, Studycoin, that offers to students vouchers for KFC products provided they solve math problems from the Baccalaureate exam curriculum.

The campaign is inspired by cryptocurrencies’ popularity and aims to help Romanian students to prepare for their final exam at the end of 12th grade.

Studycoins can be obtained by solving math problems available online, on the platform

There are 1,500 math problems on the platform, all submitted by teachers from the Romanian Mathematical Sciences Society. The students have a double gain when solving the problems: they prep for the exam and also win KFC vouchers when they find correct solutions. The value of a Studycoin varies daily and depends on the number of problems solved during the previous day. The students can speculate and transform Studycoins in discounts within KFC network in Romania at any moment of currency’s value.

KFC was always a supporter of the young people. Each year, during exams period, we see a lot of pupils studying in our restaurants. That is why we trust our initiative, with focus on the power of knowledge, will be received with enthusiasm

Monica Eftimie,

Chief Marketing Officer KFC Romania

In the digital era, the traditional study methods lost ground. Students need new methods to train on how to learn. Studycoin transforms learning in a cool action, by transforming an international trend which rewards the students for their effort

Ionela Buta,

Deputy CEO, MRM//McCann