Romance’s new campaign for grocery chain Intermarché: Let’s Talk Taste and Colours

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Strawberry with the taste of apple, minty lemon, vanilla with a blackberry flavor – surprising, isn’t it?

These kooky combinations are the at the center of agency Romance’s new campaign for grocery chain Intermarché. The spot was created for the launch of “l’Essentiel” (Essential) a new range of natural products with no colors, preservatives or additives.

“The taste of colors”, a 60-second film highlights the deceptive influence colors have on our perception of taste and promotes the idea of the natural ingredients found in “L’Essentiel”.

The movie launched on TV and the brand’s social media platforms June 29th and a national print campaign will follow, starting July 4th.

Thanks to its unique relationship with producers and distributors, the brand can rethink its products, and innovate to adapt to consumers’ needs to help them eat a little heathier every day.

Brand Credits :

Strategic and Operational Marketing Director : Caroline Puechoultres

Marketing Manager : Vincent Bronsard

Brand and Communications Director : Vincent Fièvre

External Communications Manager : Véronique Legueult

Advertising Director : Augustin Devulpian

External Communications Manager : Camille Sassi

Advertising Manager : Lucie Ducos

Agency Credits :

President : Christophe Lichtenstein

Executive Creative Director : Alexandre Hervé

Director, Strategy : Romain Roux

Strategic Planner : Jérôme Lavillat

Copywriters : Frederick Lung et Philippe Pinel

Art Director : Julien Rezette

Associate Director : Marie-Laure Dangeon

Account Manager : Thibault Loué

TV Producers : Corinne Persch et Johanna Lubin

Director : Jérémy Frey

Production company : STORY