Talk to hops – an invitation from Beck’s and Serviceplan

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At the end of the year, not only the iconic Beck’s label will become even more legendary, but also the beer itself: the Special Edition Beck’s Soundpils is brewed using hops that have been exposed to sound from consumers and will taste even more aromatic. Once again, the brand is focusing uncompromisingly on the consumer in this new activation, which was created by Serviceplan Campaign International.

Using a sound box set up in Berlin, passers-by were able to speak to the hops at our hop farm in the Hallertau region – unfiltered and on quite a personal level (…) As plants react to sound, we grew a special hop with the participation of our consumers. A limited special edition is being brewed with the hops that have been exposed to sound: the Beck’s Soundpils  (…) With Beck’s Soundpils, storytelling becomes real storydoing, because to be meaningful, we don’t just have to tell stories to our consumers, we have to make stories come alive.

Susanne Koop,

Marketing Manager  Anheuser-Busch InBev Germany, responsible for Beck’s brand

To do this, Beck’s focuses on digital marketing. In the beer market, costs for traditional marketing are rising, but not all activities are visible to everyone. The fight for the consumer’s attention has already begun and social media has become an integral part of everyday life. The consumer is constantly being compelled to make decisions. Beck’s Soundpils will be activated via its own digital channels as well as through additional online placements. The special edition will be available online from November.

Beck’s is one of the most important premier brands of the world’s leading brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev. Its international focus and export to distant markets lies at the heart of the current success enjoyed by this beer brand from Bremen. Over the course of 145 years, Beck’s has established itself in over 100 markets and is brewed on 15 international sites to the same recipe. With over 6 million hectolitres each year, the brand is said to be the most-drunk German beer worldwide.


Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Marketing Director WEST: Arnaud Hanset
Marketing Manager Beck’s: Susanne Koop

Responsible Agency: Serviceplan Campaign International GmbH & Co. KG
Managing Partner: Markus Kremer
Managing Partner: Thomas Heyen
Managing Partner: Florian Klietz
Managing Supervisor: Lars Holling
Senior Account Manager: Sabrina Schwartz
Junior Account Manager: Mariah Kattmann
Design Director: Sebastien Stabenau
Senior Copywriter: Jan-Erik Scheibner
Copywriter: Melis Adigüzel
Art Director: Sine Hansen
Copywriter: Joy Chakravorty
Art Director: Sudarshan Waghmare
Final Art Specialist: Nils-Christian Sperling

Film Production: ELEMENT E Filmproduktion GmbH
Directed by: Jeffrey Lisk, Bernd Possardt
DoP: Chris McKissick
Music: Extreme Musik
Producer: Sebastian Schröer
Head of Production: Patrick Volm-Dettenbach