18th Internetics will host a VR, AR and interactive installations exhibition

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Alongside its 18th edition, Internetics – project initiated by The Institute and presented by UniCredit Bank – aims to celebrate the digital industry through a virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and digital installations exhibition – Internetics Interactive Expo. The event is organized on 22-25 November at The Institute Space, 12, Dacia Boulevard, in the Cartierul Creativ. The access is free, between 10:00-22:00, except November 22nd, when the program is 19:00-23:00.

The exhibition unveils the way in which the digital technologies and the creative industries interact, offering the visitors the possibility to explore the creative content in a new context and from an immersive perspective. At the same time, it proposes a road where the visitor interacts with the digital projects in the art, gaming and entertainment, social, but also commercial areas, produced by the international profile studios, as well as by the local digital sector.

The section dedicated to the international projects is curated by Maria Guta and brings in Romania works selected at some of the most famous international VR festivals in Europe. Maria Guta is an independent artist whose creations, especially VR installations and photography projects were exhibited at Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Milan or Zurich. In between 2016-2018 she collaborated with World VR Forum, from the position of chief curator and art director.

Through the projects presented at Internetics Interactive Expo are:

a series of 360 documentaries that explore local subjects, such as the life in Danube Delta or how the Circus in Bucharest changed after the interdiction of shows with animals, but also international themes such as the bustle of the big cities such as China or the drama of the deported families;

tourist experiments, such as a walk on the bike in London, one of the most full of life European capitals;

– the putting in VR of a historic moment for Romania – the signing of the Alba Iulia Declaration on 1st December 1918, in the context of the anniversary in 2018 of the Big Union Centenary;

 VR games in which the user discovers virtual worlds and fantastic landscapes;

works created by the Romanian artists that get life through AR;

– commercial projects that propose the testing of some brands’ products in virtual reality.

During the festival’s program is included, also, the Internetics competition that awards the best campaigns in branding, marketing and advertising online in Romania.This year, the agencies compete in all main categories: Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Interactive Campaigns. The gala in which will be announced the most efficient and creative projects in online will take place on November 28th, at Deschis Atelier (Nod makerspace, Splaiul Unirii 160), followed by a party with free access at Deschis Gastrobar.