#NoWorries: Åkestam Holst and Sector Alarm turn empty homes in Christmas billboards for burglars


December is the darkest month of the year in Sweden, and when many leave town to celebrate Christmas elsewhere, it becomes a holiday for burglars as well. Then Sector Alarm decorates their customers’ houses with large neon signs telling the world that there’s nobody home.

A common advice when you leave your home during the holidays is to leave some lights on, to make your home look less empty. But with a connected home alarm your home is always protected no matter what, and you can that advice to the next level – at least that’s what home alarm company Sector Alarm has done in their latest campaign.

One of the houses in a suburban neighborhood just outside of Stockholm significantly stands out thanks to its rather unorthodox Christmas decorations. A sign above the door carries a message from the family that live here saying We’re away for Christmas. And to really emphasize that the house is empty, another sign let people passing by know – in big neon letters – that there’s Nobody home, with an arrow pointing at the entrance.

The house is part of Swedish agency Åkestam Holst’s #NoWorries campaign for home alarm company Sector Alarms, turning their customers’ empty homes into unconventional billboards like this to highlight the increased risk of burglaries during the holidays. Something a monitored alarm system can help prevent.

Sector Alarm is specializing in monitored alarm systems and alarm monitoring services. The company is established in Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Finland and Ireland. The largest market is Sweden with 200,000 connected households.