Clever launched a new brand repositioning campaign with DDB Romania’s help

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The advertising agency DDB Romania signed a new positioning for the brand Clever, as well as a campaign image alongside it.  Based on a rigorous research, in partnership with D&D Research, done on clients and taxi drivers, internal interviews, meetings and discussions with all the involved parties, the agency succeeded in finding the right insight that will lead towards a correct brand positioning.

Clever became in the last 5 years the leader on the taxi commends apps in Romania. Our vision is that the urban mobility would be easy to access by anyone, no matter the price, waiting time, location, the transport should be something simple and fast. Through the launch of the non-taxi service, we’ve kept the promise of security and we grew the number of available cars. In this context, Clever’s rebranding and the entire communication campaign came as a natural step. Clever proposes itself to continue to grow, making sure that we have the right strategic positioning. Our promise is to offer our passengers the shortest response time of a car and the best price for a quality service,” said Ivona Babarelu, Head of Marketing Clever.

Following the research, the agency discovered that few app’s users succeed in making the difference between the taxi companies and Clever and that most of the app’s users associate the idea of “taxi” with aspects correlated to motivations and behaviors of a functional nature (taxi represents a major transport service that resolves the moment need of arriving from point A to point B).

Starting from this insight, the DDB team decided to take a step from the functional benefit of the product into a positively emotional one, therefore creating the new brand positioning and putting the basis of Clever’s brand image campaign.

The Clever experience is not about the journey between two points, but about what awaits you at the destination. The point B isn’t just an address, a building, a restaurant, but also a connection to which you need or want to arrive: the family that is expecting you, a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time, your grandmother, a work colleague, the university gang,” explained  Stefan Vasilachi, Creative Director at DDB Romania.

Therefore, Clever is the knot between you and the people that you meet, to which you spend the time, the ones you care about.  Clever is a people connector. And, more than that, Clever is fast, efficient, honest, tech savvy, urban. Clever is the engine of your experiences with others. From here the tagline “Go”.

The brand’s communication campaign started Mid February 2019 with radio executions on the national stations and a video manifest of what Clever represents. DDB will continue Clever’s brand promotion, in cinemas and through activations dedicated to the users.

Go Clever!

The Clever team was: Andrei Frunza, Ivona Babarelu, Carmina Pohontu, Cristi Grigore.

The DDB Romania team was: Roxana Tampau, Stefan Vasilachi, Simina Leotescu, Alex Tocilescu, Maic Calota, Iulia Strejan, Blanka Horvath.