Sabina Stanciucu (Marks) in Women’s Month Comments: Don’t stop scribbling ideas until you’re satisfied with the result

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As March is a month when women are celebrated, AdHugger asked a few professionals with a remarkable career to tell us their views on developing their career as women working in the communication industry. And Sabina Stanciucu, Senior Copywriter at Marks Romania, offered us her view over the matter.

  1. How hard was to develop your career? 

The first challenge is to choose a career in the first place. The second is to accept the fact that it’s going to require a lot of hard work to build it. I am still developing mine, it’s an on going process. But I don’t think I am purposefully trying to advance in my career, I’m just trying to become better at what I do, one day at a time.

  1. What were the main obstacles to surpass? 

An obstacle I am still struggling with today is underestimating myself. But I am slowly building more confidence and more courage to speak my mind and put my ideas forward with more ease. I think most of the obstacles I’ve encountered along the way were barriers created by myself, rather than external ones.

On a micro level, the obstacle me and my teammates encounter on a daily basis is rejection from clients that do not have the courage or confidence to implement bold ideas.

  1. How did you manage to achieve success? 

I think in this line of work there are two very important principles to follow in order to create anything of value. Firstly, you have to try to be as in tune as possible with what’s new and with how culture evolves and shifts. Secondly, don’t stop scribbling ideas until you’re satisfied with the result. This is not an art, so you can’t rely on talent and hope for inspiration. It’s about putting in the effort, deleting and rewriting until you find something worth putting forward. I think it’s this relentless exercise than keeps your mind hungry and looking for ideas even when you do groceries or shower.

  1. What do you think today’s industry would need more? 

More collaboration. I think we are privileged to work in this field and getting creative people to work together more is always a good idea. If you could get all the people in this industry to collaborate on a specific goal or project, we’d become a superpower of sorts. I think we’d get things done 😀

  1. Top 3 things to follow during the current year 

The rise of micro-influencers, AI integration in brand communication and the insufficiently exploited potential of the podcast format.