Dana Bulat (United Media Services) in Women’s Month Comments: Today’s industry needs more authenticity, more ethics, a stronger voice

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As March is a month when women are celebrated, AdHugger asked a few professionals with a remarkable career to tell us their views on developing their career as women working in the communication industry.  Dana Bulat, General Manager and Owner at United Media Services Romania, offered us her view over the matter.

  • How hard was to develop your career?

I had my first job in advertising in 1999 and I didn’t have any idea that this will define my career and that I will have such an interesting journey. Looking back, I cannot say it was easy but I can definitely say it was intense, fulfilling and rewarding in the same time.

  • What were the main obstacles to surpass?

The main obstacles I had to face did not come from exterior. I rather had to break the internal barriers. I had to learn a lot of lessons on fast forward: to have more confidence in myself, to be more pragmatic and more focused, to be more flexible and embrace the change and the uncertainty more easily, to ask for help when needed. If the mentor-ship institution would have been more present during those days, probably most of my challenges would have been easier.

  • How did you managed to achieve success?

I did not achieve the success alone. I have a great team that stayed together with me since we first started in 2006; they are practically my family. I had also the luck to meet great people who liked me and believed in me sometimes more than I did myself. And I doubled all these with hard work, resilience, responsibility and respect for my work, my clients and my colleagues.

  • What do you think today’s industry would need more?

More authenticity, more ethics, a stronger voice.