One Night Gallery takes part at Bucharest’s International Light Festival -Spotlight

Innovation, OOH / DOOH

During April 18-21, One Night Gallery takes part at Bucharest’s International Light Festival -Spotlight – an event organized by the city hall through ARCUB –  with an installation that highlights the society’s cultural and artistic composition, through a resemblance with a beehive. A metaphor that can be discovered on 22-2, Victoriei Boulevard.

The installation developed in-house, in partnership with 360Revolution, proposes an abstract Europe, transformed in combs full of honey and hard-working bees and invites the viewer to reflect on the idea of community and collaboration through a fast plan.

Just as the bees are guided by the alternation of the light’s cycles, the people are attracted on Bucharest’s streets with the occasion of the annual glow offered by Spotlight. Using this pretext, One Night Gallery extends a symbolic invitation to the witty Bee and declare it host of the installation, at the Light Festival. The passing by-ers will be able to contemplate the stages of the beehive’s construction, a remarkable edifice of the natural world, through a matrix of separated and interconnected video screens that allow a credible illusion of entering the beehive.

Spotlight’s fifth edition marks two important events in 2019: Romania’s Presidency at the European Union Council and the opening of the Romania-France season in Bucharest that will reflect in the edition’s theme, named EuropeLights.

EuropeLights celebrates the role that Romania plays in Europe in this period of time and will include light installations of the local and international artists that will transform the city into a digital art exhibition.

In this context, One Night Gallery invokes the specific values of the bees’ world, such as the ingenuity, the self-determination and the collectivity and highlights visually this year’s theme – the watermarked honeycomb of the European identity that highlights the important role that each one of us, honeycomb’s citizens, are playing in shaping the collective structure.