Ursus Breweries launched B-LIFE Botanicals, a fresh drink


Ursus Breweries extends its portfolio with the launch of a refreshing drink with invigorating taste: B-LIFE Botanicals, with a base of fruit juice, aromatic plants and alcohol free beer.

B-LIFE is a drink created without nay rush, in which the aromatic ingredients from plants and fruits are added during the maturating alcohol free beer period. The drink is available in two versions: B-LIFE with raspberries, lavender and eucalyptus and B-LIFE with elderflower, thyme and lime flowers. „Botanicals” indicates especially the fact that the plant extracts or parts from the plants and fruits are valued in each drink through their attributes of taste or smell in order to create, in the end, a delicious and refreshing taste.

We live in an agitated world, always on the run and more occupied in order to enjoy the real essence of the small things that bring us joy in life. Besides being a refreshing drink with an unique taste, we believe that B-LIFE provokes you to be authentic towards the things that make you different and that speak about you. Therefore, B-LIFE Botanicals drives you to (re)discover your true nature,” said Ramona Ailincai, Head of Innovation la Ursus Breweries.

B-LIFE is relevant for those consumers that enjoy an active lifestyle, that searches for products that contain ingredients and natural extracts and prefer drinks that are less sweet. It’s a drink that can be consumed in any moment of the day and in any situation that will be a invigorating break and a (re)connection with the nature.

B-LIFE Botanicals launches in Romania through an integrated campaign that includes: TVC, onlinepromotion and OOH.