Publicis and Sanofi Romania, together in an anti-stress campaign

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Publicis Romania created for its client, Sanofi Romania, a campaign running under the motto “Drama from anything” and promoting MagneVie Stress Resist, a product that increases body’s resistance to stress.

The agency opted to use a soprano to illustrate the idea, as it is known in the art world that opera singers have, by default, the most dramatic reactions when it comes to stress.

When I first heard soprano Veronica Fizesan singing our lines about “a scotch without a pulling strip”, “slow elevator” or “blocked zipper” while we were in Sanofi’s meeting room, I instantly press record. There were smiles and the safe feeling that we have everything needed for a cool campaign.

Laur Raboj

Senior Copywriter Publicis Romania

When we are dealing with demanding periods, we can answer to stress in a disproportionate manner, perceiving the external factors more acute then usual. And this is how any type of drama can appear

Dana Pocarascu Paulet

Brand Manager, Sanofi Romania

The event took place at Odeon Theater in Bucharest where, one by one, were consumed “The drama of the slow elevator”, “The drama of the pair-less sock”, “The drama of the discharged battery”, “The drama of the loud printer”, “The drama of the stuck zipper” and “The drama of the scotch without a pulling strip”.

The communication is based on online ads and contextual materials. The dramas of “Stucked zipper” and “scotch without a pulling strip”, same as the contextual clips, were filmed by Saga Film and directed by  Andrei Mîndru.


  • Publicis Romania: Jorg Riommi – Chief Creative Office, Romulus Petcan – Group Creative Director, Gabriel Gherca – Group Creative Director, Laur Răboj – Senior Copywriter, Florin Pădurean – Senior Art Director, Camelia Efrimov – AV Producer, Andreea Racoceanu – Senior Account Executive, Cristian Buha – Account Manager, Lucian Gavril – Account Director, Cătălin Albu – Client Service Director.
  • Production Houses: Saga Film, Animotion
  • Publicis Events: Bogdan Voina – Senior Event Producer, Delia Danu – Account Director.
  • MSL The Practice: Angi Bolocan – Head of Healthcare Department, Ioana Moasa – PR Manager.
  • Sanofi Romania, Consumer Health Care division: Dana Pocărăscu-Păuleț – Brand Manager, Mihaela Pițilă – Marketing Manager.