The campaign „Lights for life”, signed Oxygen, gathered 30.000 pregnancy tests for the women in disadvantaged areas

Creativity, PR

The campaign „Luminite pentru viata” (Lights for life) is an initiative of the brand Trussa, in partnership with the Sensiblu Foundation, and signed by the independent communication agency Oxygen, that started from an alarming statistics. Romania takes the number one spot in EU at child death, the main causes being the perinatale conditions during the pregnancy or after the childbirth. Those conditions can be prevented through regular medical check ups and the first step is the recognizing of the pregnancy. “Lights for life” created a donation system for pregnancy tests towards the women in the disadvantaged areas, starting from the idea that a pregnancy discovered  in good time represents a change in plus for the baby’s life.

For each pregnancy test Trussa bought in the Sensiblu pharmacies in March and April, the Sensiblu Foundation and Trussa donated another one towards those women. The 30.000 gathered tests will be distributed in the communities with the highest poverty level. In these communities, the Sensiblu Foundation will offer information regarding the rpegnancy and the importance of entering in the evidence of the medical system for the mother’s and baby’s healthy.

The communication campaign, started by Oxygen, was launched with a video in online and on the digital platform The concept was also translated in social media, PR and ATL activations and executions. Therefore, the campaign was supported by a radio spot and communication in online through  influencers that determined the women in Romania to join the cause.

We are happy that we contrinbuting to developing a social responsibility campaign alongside the Sensiblu Foundation.  Luminite pentru viata is just a step in the public education effort towards the child mortality and the prevention measures that can be taken in this direction,” said Andreea Filip, New Business Director, Oxygen.

Oxygen offers PR, corporate communication, brand PR, social media services, ATL, BTL and digital for several brands in Sensiblu’s portfolio, such as Batiste, SPLAT, -417, Trussa, Oxyance, etc.

The project team was formed of :

The Oxygen team: Maria Ionescu (Senior Copywriter), Adriana Necula (Creative Director), Sinziana Focșa (Communications Strategist), Larisa Anghel (Account Manager), Alina Savu (Account Coordinator) Andreea Filip (New Bussines Director)

The Sensiblu team: Letitia Ioana (Brand Manager Sensiblu), Cristina Horia (Director Executiv Fundația Sensiblu)

Director: Andrei Mindru

DOP: Alexandru Dorobantu

Producer: Iliana Dumitrache & Stay Sharp Film