Campaign for skin cancer’ prevention and diagnose, from L’Oreal Romania

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Until July 15, Romanians in over 50 cities can check for free if they are exposed to the risk of developing skin cancer. During Solar Protection Days, a campaign from L’Oréal Romania, circa 300 dermatologists from 32 counties evaluate for free the health state of people’s moles. To benefit of the free consult, people must access, where they can find the list of cities and doctors and can book a time.

Skin cancer is one of the most frequent types of cancer, according to OMS. Annually, over 200,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed at global level. During the previous 8 editions of L’Oreal’s campaign, over 18,000 people benefited of a consult and there were found circa 400 lesions suspected to be skin cancer.

For us, it is important for the population to be aware a responsible conduct regarding sun exposure, using sun protection creams and periodical checks of the moles are essential steps in preventing skin cancer

Natalyia Syerikova,

General Manager Active Cosmetics Division L’Oréal Romania

Launched in 2011, Solar Protection Days is a program aiming to educate, prevent and raise awareness regarding the risk of unprotected exposure to the sun and regarding the risk of developing melanoma. The campaign is made in collaboration with dermatologists from Romania and Republica Moldova, that are involved voluntarily in the project.