M3 Holdings launches its third company: M3 Payments

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M3 Holdings, owner of the blockchain company Modex and Moneymailme, the award-winning social money app, announces the launch of M3 Payments. Offering an innovative range of services, M3 Payments is a web-based platform that helps companies and people send and receive cross-border payments, simply and efficiently

The M3 Payments platform employs the latest technology, built by powerhouse FinTech disruptors, fully authorised and regulated by the FCA, incorporating top-level security.

Moving money from one currency to another shouldn’t be expensive. Nor should there be hidden fees or big commissions for overseas transfers. We’ve constantly worked on finding the best ways to help both individuals and businesses send and receive money worldwide, quickly and securely without large fees. Using M3 Payments, companies can benefit from a comprehensive international payment platform with great rates and transparent fees. Moreover, these companies can control precisely what they are paying. Our goal is to empower businesses and make international payments easier, cheaper and more transparent. M3 Payments can improve transactional  workflow and automate the payments process so that you can focus on what’s important: growing your business

Mihai Ivascu,

CEO M3 Holdings

Right from the start, M3 Payments has become a member of the newly established FinTech Alliance, an organisation backed by the UK government. The FinTech Alliance is a multifaceted digital engagement platform which aims to provide a cohesive and inclusive ecosystem for global FinTechs where they can explore and engage in new business opportunities.

M3 Payments simplifies the way people and companies send money abroad using competitive real-time exchange rates. Users can pay international invoices in over 40 currencies, 24 hours a day, direct to bank accounts, with complete transparency and currency management from one online account. Moreover, they can access transaction reports, real-time account balances, and have complete management of multiple currencies with instant conversions.