Zulu Alpha Kilo solves biggest skin issue in a small way for Consonant Skincare

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With summer present everywhere, Consonant Skincare is celebrating the end of a pop-up store that helped Torontonians braze the dry days of winter and cold weather. The Hydration Hub, a small-but-mighty pop-up in Toronto’s PATH was designed to eliminate dry skin over the coldest months in the city.

Developed by the Toronto-based agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo, the retail campaign was centered around Consonant’s own HydrExtreme, clinically proven to be the most potent hydration serum in the world. The small-but-mighty concept came to life at every touchpoint, from the store’s small footprint to promotional pieces like tiny shopping bags and coupons, redeemable for free HydrExtreme.

To drive additional traffic to the pop-up, Consonant also deployed The Dry Skin Coupon. When pressed against your cheek, this custom promo piece lifted tiny dry skin flakes from your face with a non-toxic adhesive to reveal a HydrExtreme offer.

“Even the smallest application of HydrExtreme has been clinically proven to deliver immediate hydration,” said William Baker, founder of Consonant Skincare. “We were excited to let Canadians know that they could finally reject dry winter skin.”

The tiny HydrExtreme pop-up shop provided hydration tests on the spot so that each visitor could learn the severity of their dry skin and be prescribed the right solution. Free 4ml samples of HydrExtreme® were provided to every guest (valued at $28) and they were encouraged to try the product for a week before returning to test their skin’s improvement.

“We found our creative inspiration in the actual product,” said Susie Lee, CD at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “By tapping into being small but mighty, we were able to build the entire retail experience around HydrExtreme’s potency.”


  • Client (Company): Consonant Skincare
  • Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
  • Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
  • Creative Director: Susie Lee, Gary Watson
  • Design Director: Ryan Booth
  • Designer: Kevin Sato, Gala Tanaskovitch
  • Art Director: Kevin Sato, Caroline Sierra-Bornais
  • Writer: Vinay Parmar, Monika Leck, Luke McNeill
  • Clients: William Baker, Kristina Breckon
  • Studio Artist: Anna Harju, Ashleigh O’brien, Andrew Martin, Brandon Dyson
  • Studio Manager: Greg Hepinstall
  • Agency Producer: Laura Dubcovsky
  • Account Team: Nadine Arsenault, Lisa Sousa, Skye Gandy
  • Photographer: Sarah Azzam
  • Printers: Seamliss Graphics & Marketing, Flash Reproductions