pastel develops themed campaigns for the ”1 Minute” chain, Lagardere Travel Retail Romania group’s retail concept 


pastel agency communicates for the international Lagardere Travel Retail group. The collaboration started at the beginning of this year, when the agency won the communication pitch involving themed campaigns for the “1 Minute” to-go restaurant chain, a retail concept of the Lagardere group.

Within six months from the beginning of the collaboration, pastel has developed two themed campaigns belonging to the “1 Minute” project of menu diversification by creating diverse, geographically-specific experiences. If the first one focused on Balkan products, the second – launched mid-July – is targeting Mediterranean cuisine.

“Discover the horizon of the Mediterranean taste” is the invitation launched by the “1 Minute” to-go restaurants during their most recent themed campaign of promoting Mediterranean area-specific recipes. The pastel-signed campaign brings forward the image of the Mediterranean sandwich as seen through the binoculars of the explorer searching for the new taste. Until September 15th, the curious and the audacious bent on discovery will find fresh food and packed food items based on Mediterranean recipes in the “1 Minute” network.

We accept any challenge our clients throw at us with great enthusiasm and determination. This is exactly what went on with Lagardere, and we are really glad that, in half a year, we built up two impactful communication campaigns for the «1 Minute» restaurant chain. If we refer strictly to the last campaign from the Mediterranean products category, we believe we have captured the essence and the spirit of the Mediterranean cuisine, and we stay open to many similar adventures

Dana Nae Popa,

Managing Director pastel

The impact of the campaign is already noticeable in sales. July brought the store chain 20% increased net revenues compared to the same period of last year.

The sales and client enthusiasm show that the Mediterranean culinary specialties were and still are at the top of our clients’ preferences since the early onset of the campaign. We are really happy with the results, as they motivate us to continue the series of special projects involving themed culinary products. The Mediterranean campaign was backed by an entire strategy developed together with the team of pastel, capturing on one hand the desire of trying new things, and on the other the nostalgia of a vacation on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The products come packed soon enough with other surprises and memorable moments which will be a surprise from us to you

Petruța Ioniță,

Head of Marketing Lagardere Travel Retail Romania

The Mediterranean experience encompasses items such as: salads, sandwiches, savory mixed plates, paella based on a traditional recipe, natural fresh juices, deserts and appetizers.

Working on the project on behalf of Lagardere Travel Retail Romania were: Petruta Ioniță – Head of Marketing, Dana-CristianaTeodorescu – Marketing Specialist, Marius-Cristian Prec –  Category Manager, Victor Nedelcea – Category Manager and Mirela Roman – Product Innovation Manager