Groupama is showing up in September with a new brand campaign designed by Marcel

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For three years now, the Marcel Agency has supported Groupama, a leading mutual insurance groups in France, with its advertising communication strategy. Together, they launched a new campaign with a major brand film, « the First Harvest » on 1 September.

The new film, directed by up-and-coming Swedish director Niclas Larsson, traces the life story of a father, his son and the risks they have been able to overcome thanks to the daily support of their insurer, Groupama. A few years later, the grown-up son chooses to pursue his own vocation, not to be a winegrower like his father, but to help others by becoming a Groupama consultant.

Through the film, Groupama accurately highlights with emotion what makes it different as a company, like proximity to its customers and its mutual benefit roots. As this new campaign illustrates, joining Groupama isn’t just a random thing, it’s a decision to join a community that shares the human values of solidarity and mutual aid: being there for others is what their work is all about..

Whether they’re an elected member of the mutual benefit company, an employee or an advisor, everyone at Groupama is committed to supporting its 4 million members in France across their lives, for the big and small things. Groupama’s raison d’être is: “We are here to help as many people as possible to build their lives with confidence. ”

Sylvain Burel, Groupama Communications Director:

With the new brand film, we wanted to highlight the essence of our group, our raison d’être, by taking a differentiating approach illustrating the trust that exists between us and our members through the commitment of an advisor.

Youri Guerassimov and Gaëtan du Peloux, Creative Directors at Marcel:

We are very proud of the work we have done. For us, it reflects perfectly the brand’s mutual benefit and people-oriented spirit. It’s a touching film without filters that’s resolutely human, all the things we love.


Groupama Advertising

  • Groupama Group Communications Director: Sylvain Burel
  • Brand & Digital Manager: Antoine Stattner
  • Brand & Advertising Project Managers: Perle Sun, Sylvie Guédon, Aurélie Lazard, Marie-Chantal Baillaud.
  • Media Manager: François Guyez

Marcel Agency

  • Creative Directors: Gaëtan du Peloux, Youri Guerassimov
  • Artistic Director: Alice Labau
  • Writer & Designer: Rémi Dias Das Almas
  • Strategic Planner: Sarah Lemarie
  • Co-President: Charles Georges-Picot and Pascal Nessim
  • Managing Partner and Head of Strategy: Nicolas Lévy
  • Partner: Blandine Mercier
  • Client managers: Caroline Cristofoli – Estelle Littaye

TV Production: Cléo Ferenczi – Prodigious

Post-production: Celine Genty – Prodigious

Production: Iconoclast

  • Director: Niclas Larsson
  • Producer: Solal Micenmacher

Sound: THE

Music: The Rolling Stones, “She’s A Rainbow” (Michael Jagger, Keith Richards) Publisher ABKCO c/EMI Music Publishing France