Salaries in Romanian ad industry – up 3% in 2019, according to UAPR’s Salary Survey

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Romanian ad industry is on the raise and that is reflected also in the net salaries of its employees, which grew on average by 3% in 2019, compared to 2018. This is the result of a biannual study, Salary Survey, made by PwC Romania for UAPR (Romanian Advertising Agencies Union).

Romanian ad market is up 10% compared to 2018, according to Media Fact Book 2019. Still, the net value of the ad investments in 2018 hasn’t yet reached the record level from 2008, a similar moment being estimated to happen in 2021.

The ad industry was one of the sectors most affected by the financial crisis and is still recovering to reach the level from 2008. Otherwise, the salary increases, even under the level of those posted at full economy’s level, are a very important indicator of the fact that this industry is growing and maintains its attractivity

Oana Munteanu,

Senior Manager PwC România

On sections, media departments posted the highest salary growth, +5,6%, followed by creative (4%) and digital (2,5%).

When it comes of payment on gender criteria, ad industry has one of the best balances, with no distinctive remuneration differences in most areas. When it comes of management positions, the study shows a positive difference of 5% for women managers.

Salary Survey is a study following the evolution of salaries on the local ad market and is made by UAPR every 2 years, in collaboration with PwC Romania.

Ad industry in Romania increases in complexity and UAPR continues to develop this study in order to maintain a clear image over the level of ad salaries, both in comparison with other domains of the industry and when it comes of general increases at economy’s level. We wish to maintain the attractiveness as industry for the young generation of talents and to continue to offer opportunities for career development both when it comes of achievements (campaigns, awards or others), but also in terms of salaries

Stefan Iordache,

President UAPR

The study aims to offer a clear and transparent image of salary levels for all important positions within ad industry, from general manager to the smaller functions in all departments and specializations agencies have