IAB Europe published the 1st edition of its Digital Transformation Playbook

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IAB Europe, the leading European-level industry association for the digital advertising ecosystem, published the first edition of its Digital Transformation Playbook. The IAB Europe Digital Transformation Playbook 2019 is the result of great appetite in the market for guidance and best practices on implementing this transformative concept.

Developed by the IAB Europe Education and Training Committee, the Playbook leverages the experience and know-how of some of the largest corporate experts in the field of digital and IAB Europe National members. Their contributions and commentaries, all within an interactive repository, provide a multi-dimensional perspective to understanding and implementing successful digital transformation projects, including technology and innovation, data, but also – and perhaps most critical of all – the human factor.

Commenting on the importance for organization leaders to drive digital transformation, Neslihan Olcay, CEO, Wavemaker Turkey and Chair of the IAB Europe Education & Training Committee said:

Perhaps more important than the technological dimension of digital transformation is the company culture one. The shift in the mindset of an employee to one that is in line with the rigours of today’s digitized ecosystem is critical. The change needs to be pushed from the top down.

The Playbook will be updated and refined regularly so that it reflects the latest changes and developments that impact digital transformation. Future editions will also expand on the roster of contributors to include evolving best practices and case studies from across Europe.

Due to the breadth and applicability of digital transformation, this is not a process that is recommended only to emerging markets. Indeed, even powerhouse economies across Europe and the Globe can and should align to the digital world of today, if they have not done so already

Ewa Opach,

Director of Education and Certification IAB Poland

Alex Macarescu, Programme Manager of IAB Europe’s Education & Training Committee is confident that the playbook can grow into a vital resource to any organisation across Europe:

The Digital Transformation Playbook is not claiming to be the one solution to achieving success in this transformative process. It is a gateway to the learnings and actions of organisations from a myriad of fields (from digital advertising to accounting) who share their experience of having gone through – and conquered – most of the opportunities and challenges of <<going digital>>.

Organisations interested in accessing the free resource, can do so from IAB Europe’s website here