Saatchi&Saatchi + The Geeks launched a board game brochure, The Fair Pitch

Advertising, Business

Romanian Saatchi&saatchi + The Geeks joined the efforts made by UAPR (Romanian Advertising Agencies Association) related to promoting within the local communication industry the principles of organizing a correct pitch process.

We decided to get involved in this project because it matches perfectly our principles. We always promoted among the clients we met over the years those, let’s say, best practices a pitch should consider when organized. We strongly believe that it depends only of us to raise the level of organization for the pitches, we just need to persevere and to invent as many such initiatives

Vlad Petre,

Managing Director Saatchi & Saatchi + The Geeks

Even if a pitch represents an opportunity for any advertising agency, it comes often as a package with a consumption of resources, time and money which a waste for all involved if the pitch is not organized correctly. That is also the reason why a set of best practices is needed in organizing a pitch and why those practices need to be known and applied by the players on the market.

Fair Pitch boardgame

We wanted to make a flyer but we ended with a board game. There is creative potential hidden in each brief and that cannot be accessed if you get stuck in deliverables. Today, the most important deliverable is, in fact, a communication product that includes you in your target’s conversations and newsfeeds. With this brochure, we realized that, beyond the rules, an empathy exercise is needed, so the clients can also experience the side of the agency involved in the process. The boardgame The Fair Pitch checked both premises: a product that adds something new to the conversation about pitch-es and an experience that relays an educational message via entertainment

Tiberiu Coman,

Senior Copywriter

The solution found by Saatchi&Saatchi + The Geeks was the board game The Fair Pitch, that can be played by the members of the communication and marketing departments in order to understand better what agencies are facing when participating to a pitch. The brochure also includes the rules of the game, namely the best practices that should be considered by those who want to organize an efficient pitch, that brings benefits to all involved


  • Bogdan Costin, Creative Director
  • Tiberiu Coman, Senior Copywriter
  • Dan Crețu, Senior Art Director
  • Octavian Catană, Senior Art Director
  • George Ștefan, Ilustrator
  • Eugen Alexe, Print Production Director
  • Mădălina Stoica, Account Manager
  • Vlad Petre, Managing Director