Geometry Bucharest’s Fractal Communication handles communication for PlayStation Romania

Advertising, Business

Fractal Communication, part of Geometry Bucharest, member of WPP and present on the Romanian market for 2 years, started its collaboration with PlayStation Romania in the second part of 2019. The agency offers to its clients consultancy and services in areas like digital, community management, SoMe strategy and creative development.

Fractal will sign all the communication campaigns for PS Romania, both the local adaptations of the global campaigns and the local creative campaigns that start from the specific of the Romanian market and insights of the gamers’ communities.

When we made the decision of becoming more relevant for video games fans in Romania, we searched for a local multiplayer with which we can handle not just ad-hoc campaigns, but also that could aim for a solid combat strategy. We chose Fractal Communication mainly with out soul. They convinced us they have joined the game with the creative style of answering to the brief, but also with their analytic and pro-business thinking. With authentic emotions and also with a clear purpose. Like in any game

Daniela Ghimpeteanu,

Marketing Manager PlayStation Balkans

Brands are not conquering only consumers, but also ad people. And there are a few brands for which anyone would like to work. For me and Fractal, Playstation is one of them. Not only because Double Life is an awesome ad. Not only for Greatness Awaits or For the players. Not only because I think I am good at FIFA and I am in love with Crash Team Racing since I was playing it on a PS2 in a cake store in a small city. We are all gamers. Bigger, smaller, skilled or noobs. For gamers, PlayStation sales more then a console and a controller, more then entertainment at home, on the couch. It sells imagination. Through the thousands of universes that are coming to life through games. And, in this context, it is almost impossible not to wish for a brief that has Play Station written on it

Alex Petrescu,

Strategy & Creative Director Fractal Communications

Fractal Communication team working on the PlayStation account includes

  • Alex Petrescu – Strategy & Creative Director
  • Simona Costea – Client Service Director
  • Claudia Lungu – Account Director
  • Madalina Gogu – Account Manager
  • Mina Ionescu – Digital Consultant
  • Cristina Airinei – Digital Account Manager
  • Ioana Ichim – Senior Copywriter
  • Bogdan Dinu – Senior Art Director
  • Mihai Titirig – Senior Copywriter
  • Agatha Muler – Senior Art Director
  • Cristian Nichita – Senior Art Director

The team from PlayStation includes Daniela Ghimpeteanu – Marketing Manager PlayStation Balkans and Alina Slapciu –  Marketing Manager PlayStation Romania

Fractal Communication provides services like crisis management, social & mobile content, integrated communications, digital & media management, community management, sustainability strategy, creative & design and brand strategy and has among its clients Regina Maria Ponderas Academic Hospital, Altex, Stanley Bet and Chateau Vartely.