The Alternative School receives applications for its Cannes Semester

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Starting February 2nd, The Alternative School for Creative Thinking opened the application period for Cannes Semester. Professionals active in communication industries and with interest in improving their creative and strategic abilities and aim for international performance are invited to join. The school will start on March 12th and will include 7 presentation + workshop meetings, competition and selection for Young Marketers, for those interested by the competition with the same name taking place in June, at Cannes Lions.

The school sessions will take place on Thursdays (18-20) and Saturdays (10-12) at Qreator by IQOS. The participation fee is Euro 300 per individual or Euro 500 per team.

Cannes Semester is focused on the strategical creative process, coding and decoding visual language, creative media, sales versus marketing in building contemporary brands, understanding of the public and of the communication trends, articulating an intelligent and inspirational brief, evaluation of the impact and efficiency of an idea and finding the insight that leads to win-win-win results.

At the classes and workshops from Cannes Semester are expected people of all ages and categories in marcom. For those interested by Young Marketers Cannes, there are a few mandatory conditions.

2020 Young Marketers @ The Alternative School

The selection for Young Marketers is open to young people working on client side, who are up to 30 years old and are born after June 22 1989. Freelancers and agency’ people are not eligible for the competition.

During the meetings, the participants will have to solve 3 briefs, with the final one in just 24 hours. The winning team will participate, as Romania’s representative in the Young Marketers / ┬áCannes Lions 2020 competition, taking place in June.

Albalact, Cohn&Jansen, Google, Circles Creative, Love&Lobby, Produsul Anului, Thinkegic are just a few of the companies that will deliver trainings and workshops.

The applications – CV, copy after ID and Invoicing data – can be sent on email to . Any additional info can be requested at the same address.

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking is specialized in education, talent scouting and directs people on their ideal professional direction for over 16 years, with an impressive record when it comes of results. International prizes, international exposure, evolution for thousands of young people with passion for communication with mind and heart.

Cannes Lions, international creativity festival, is the biggest marcom gathering at global scale. The next edition takes place this year, on June 22-26.