Grayling predictions: 5 main trends in marketing and communication in 2020

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An international team within Grayling, made of specialists in communication, strategy and creative, identified the main 5 trends that will help brands, companies and organizations to differentiate themselves within marketing and communication in 2020.

The agency analyzed the strategy of the most innovative brands or corporations, which are the new instruments and tactics which are tested, and the measure in which the identified trends from previous years evolved or disappeared. The examples of best practices used to illustrate each trend are mostly from consumer marketing, mainly because consumer brands are more eager then other to present publicly their communication activities. Many of those trends are also important for B2B communication, governmental relations and relating to shareholders.

The trends of the year #5×20 in marketing and communication identified by Grayling:

trend #1: new transparency

Consumers, mainly the young ones, appreciate more and more authenticity and integrity regardless perfection on any cost. And brands are answering, communicating openly information and relevant content, which matters for consumers. This transparency can give even more visibility to supply chains or to present in Instagram stories the unknown part of their activity, or even to openly admit they were wrong and  to appologize as authentically as possible.

trend #2: OOH mobile!

The companies with impact from mobile devices are focusing on the idea of mobility to reach to user and get them involved in relevant contexts and to increase amplification and conversion. From activations in locations and offers in real time to augmented reality experiences and integration of social media channels in brands´offers, those are stunts that get consumers attention and are closer and closer to the digital environment then the material one.

Trend #3: The impulse towards good 

The companies are transforming their authentic values into action, using the ethical advantage to inspire consumers to change their conduct for good, with positive impact over the society. From stimulents and instruments meant to teach good habits to an approach of social norms, brands take a stance to make choices easier and more pleasant. Determining the change of consumers conduct represents a priority also for authorities, therefor campaigns like those can be used also to involve decision factors

trend #4: Challenges full of satisfaction 

In the fair play spirit, the brands trusting in themselves are challenging clients to make an effort to access ad messages, special offers and even products. Consumers tired of aggresive and poorly targeted ads are accepting fast original and engaging interactions, with clear responsibilities and benefits, and the companies are establishing an authentic direct link with consumers during this process

Trend’ #5: Brands´hospitability

Considerin the increased fragmented communication and the decrease of consumers trust in digital platforms, the companies from all sectors are investing in events and real spaces, to create a feeling of closeness and trust. Warm and personal experiences are favoring closeness to brands and make consumers and all involved parties feel that are part of brands big family, generating quality social involvement