Biz launched BizRemote, a special section dedicated to companies

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The economy is strongly impacted by the coronavirus and Romania is just at the beginning of it. Starting this week, almost all companies that could let their employees work from home implemented this measure.

Foto: Alin Dobrin

What are the big companies and brands doing these weeks? How are they surpassing this moment? How impacted will we be by the coronavirus and what the measures through which we can avoid, as much as possible, even bigger losts, those are just some of the questions we are looking answers to. BizRemote is the voice of the companies impacted by the coronavirus and shows how they are passing through it,” said Marta Usurelu, Biz magazine’s publisher.

BizRemote represents a special section dedicated to the companies, in which the Biz team is searching for solutions and shows by the power of example what are the big and small companies doing, what solutions they find, what problems they have and how they can pass a little easier through this situation. It’s a section that comes for Biz’s DNA, a team that has been moving its team for 11 years now in the big capitals of the world and creating special issues of the magazine in the most important countries on the planet.

We know what it means to work from all over the world, how hard it is, but also how you can better the work from any other part than the office. We are inviting you to write to us what problems you are facing yourself with, what opinions you have, we are waiting for your questions and we propose ourselves to put in touch the companies between them or with analysts and consultants or services that will help us better pass through the moment we are in,” added Marta Ușurelu.