Druid, in partnership with Namirial to allow electronic signature via Druid chatbots

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Druid, specialized in developing intelligent virtual assistents for Enterprise type organizations, announced the signing of a tech partnership with Namirial, global leader in digital transactions management. The partnership will allow employees to sign documents electronically, via Druids chatbots, no matter if they work from the office or from home.

By integrating with Namirial, the electonic signing of a digital document can be made directly via chatbots. The chatbot will apply automatically to the digital document the digital signature specific for the internal feed, the role and rights of the employee (simple electronic signature, advanced or certified electronic signatures). The digital documents are later electronically archive, bear temporal marks and fully abide the Romanian and European active legislation.

The electronic signature will be available to all Druid chatbots. Cristina, the chatbot for Human resources, was already adapted with simplified approval feeds for managers, reports of daily evaluation for remote work, generation of employer statement for facilitating travel in case of emergency. All the internal documents like holiday requests, time sheets, money return apers, work contracts and so on will be available for signing digitally, via Cristina. The Chatbot for managers, Ana, allows signing contracts with clients and suppliers, investments budgets, operational budget, work contracts, by applying the qualified electronic signature.

When a document has to be sign by more people that are physically at different addresses, paper printing, signing and sending via courier are not available anylonger. We are offering to all the clients the option to sign anytime, anywhere, through any device connected to the internet, the needed documents in electronic format, fully legal. The introduction of the electronical signature, shows how fast we can adapt to the new context generated by COVID-19

Liviu Drăgan,


„Namirial services are respecting all Romanian legislative active rules, and the EU rules regarding electronic identities and digital signatures (eIDAS). We also respect the directives on money laundring (AMLD). DRUID can offer now, in a conversational way, end-to-end processes to enroll clients. The clients can be identified through a video session, remote, which includes verifying the IDs, the issue at distance of a qualified certificate (if needed) and signing the documents, with the enrolling process lasting just 10 minutes”

Adrian Dinculescu,

Namirial Partnership & Alliance Manager.