Samsung, Google and Apple are the most innovative brands for Romanians in 2020

Business, Marketing

Samsung, Google and Apple were chosen by Romanians as the most innovative technology brands of 2020. The study was created for the Biz magazine by Unlock Market Research, in March 2020. Top 10 is completed by Microsoft, Huawei, HP, Philips, Sony, Lenovo and LG.

The technology is integrated in all the aspects of our lives and the gadgets became omnipresent. The innovation is one of the key differentiators in this field and the goal of the study was to measure the consumers’ perception on the technology brands with which they interact daily from the point of view of the innovation grade that they attribute to them.

The technology didn’t impress us that much lately. It seemed like it is not evolving spectacularly enough. Just that, suddenly, social distanced and forced to work remotely we started to rediscover its powers. We realize how useful are the gadgets for video-conferences, how it is helping the software platforms to be more productive in teams and how the promotional and sales channels can now save our business, said Gabriel Bârligă, editor-in-chief Biz magazine.

Top Tech 30 – The most innovative tech brands in Romania appeared in Biz Tech, the guide that helps you find the right high‑tech products for the employees, entrepreneurs and companies.

The study is based on a quantitative research, on 460 online interviews with respondents of both sexes, ages 16 to 45 y.o., urban (big and medium). The innovation guide was determined using the MaxDiff (Maximum Differentiation Scaling) methodology.