Romanian event organizer Evensys launched the Conference Subscription

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The events industry was hit by the COVID pandemic since before isolation was imposed in Romania, with flights being stopped afterwards and people urged to stay indoors as a consequence of the emergency state. One after another, renown conferences chose to cancel or reschedule their 2020 editions. At this moment, all the market of business conferences and fairs, festivals of any kind and concerts of any size is frozen.

Some organizers moved their events online, a welcomed move for niche conferences and trainings. But events have an important socializing and interaction component, which cannot be reproduced at its real value through meetings on virtual platforms. In this context, events companies are forced to reinvent their business, re-orientating or waiting for better times to restart their usual activity.

Evensys, one of the oldest events organizers in Romania, chose to profit of the online environment´s potential, preparing at the moment more formats for virtual conferences and searching for new ideas in order to insure the continuity of the offline meetings.

After 2 weeks of expectation and hope that we will meet again with thousands of people in the conference halls, we realized we must rather prepare for the future then the next months. That is why we launched an online information source, Romania, Back to Business , pro-bono consultancy platform Marketing for Good and the live online show Back to Business Netcast . Now we are thinking of the future and we are launching an innovative and original product that helps us make sure we will continue our activity after the pandemic is over

Cristian Manafu,

Managing Partner Evensys

At the anniversary of its 14 years since the first event, Evensys is launching the first Conferences´ Subscription in Romania. The subscription brings to the marketing, communication and digital community a package of 3 conferences for the price of one. The interested ones can pay such a subscription until September 1st and then benefit of access of choice to 3 of the conferences Evensys will organize by the end of 2022.

Virtual conferences are a beautiful dream, but a dream that cannot be turned into reality easily on a market that is not used with online events and a market with a public that wants socializing and interaction in public. We are of course planning a few e-conferences, but our main activity object remains organizing offline conferences, which offer more advantages to those who want to find out new things or do networking. Our subscription proposes to the companies and agencies the best price for a serious conference in Bucharest, organized in a top location and with the menu from a 5 stars hotel included. For 14 years, Evensys is having a good reputation and support from the biggest local or multinational companies

Cristian Manafu

On a dedicated website, Evensys Subscription , there are now proposed 6 relevant conferences for people working in marketing and communication in companies and agencies. All the proposed events are leader on their segments, namely Webstock, Digital Marketing Forum, PR Forum, Influencer Marketing Conference, Digital Divas and Visualfest. Evensys leaves the events list open and offers participants the option to choose any conference, new or old, that it will organize by the end of 2022.

From the first conference organized in 2006, Marketing 360°, until today, Evensys launched the first events on the newest disciplines in marketing and communication: digital marketing, public relations, social media, shopper marketing, mobile marketing, influencer marketing, marketing B2B, blogging etc. Today, it develops own conferences and seminaries covering 6 areas of business: Marketing & Comunicare, Tehnologie & Social Media, Financial & Investments, Human Resources, Fleet Management and Facility Management.