URSUS launches URSUS Pale Ale Panda and sets the bases of the specialties’ portfolio


Because the life is too short to drink beer alone, URSUS launches the Specialties’ range that comprises three different ranges: Retro Carpatin, Pale Ale Panda and Black Grizzly.

Therefore, the Romanian king of the beer encourages all consumers open to exploring to experiment beyond the classical taste of the usual beer and to discover a variety of surprising aromas.

URSUS Specialties was born from the desire of offering to the courageous people friendly options with which to be able to experiment more when it comes to beer. We observed that people are more and more open to new varieties of beer that would surprise them pleasantly and we considered that URSUS, the Romanian beer king, would have its own interpretation of the special beers. We gathered under the umbrella of the well known URSUS Retro and the already existing black beer range in the URSUS portfolio, and to them we added our first ale type of beer – Pale Ale Panda. The three ranges of beer put, therefore, the basis of the URSUS Specialties portfolio,” said Anca Calugaritoiu, Brand Manager URSUS.

The key characters that are behind the new creative concept of URSUS Specialties are three inventive and exploratory ranges that inspired the creation of the three ranges through their personalities inclined towards discovering.

URSUS Retro Carpatin is a range of blonde beer with personality that keeps intact the aromas produced from yeast in the ferment process, bot being thermic treated. URSUS Retro Carpatin is for all the people a little nostalgic that know that retro will be forever cool.

Just as a panda is a bear always attracted by interesting things, he prepared a beer a little bit more exotic, that can offer a special palette of tastes. URSUS Pale Ale Panda is the latest innovation of the URSUS range, a beer with a taste easily hoped, with fruity notes and fermented superior hop (tip Ale). Even already launched, URSUS Pale Ale Panda won a place on the podium of best beers in the international competition Superior Taste Award 2020, where it won the bronze medal (Superior Taste Award with 1 Star) given by the International Taste Institute (Belgium).

Grizzly, a strong beer and a little more serious at first sight, has a surprising and friendly black beer. URSUS Black Grizzly has coffee and chocolate notes due to the three types of fried malt and an intense taste that unfolds gradually.

The exploration trend is a common feature both for the bears and the people. That’s why the three species of „party animals” that inspired the launch of the range URSUS Specialties sent to the curious people out there with an important message: Explorati noile specii de URSUS! (Explore the new Ursus species!)

The launch will be supported by a large communication campaign, on TV, digital, radio, as well as on the market. The beers will have a new packaging – a new bottle and a new label design inspired by the personality of the three creator bears.