Enigmatic campaign takes Maersk out of the oceans and into the future of logistics

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The world of B2B communication is normally riddled with stock images and corporate clichés. It’s also dominated by the belief by brands and advertisers alike that rational communication works best.  Danish creative agency &Co is taking the opposite approach as they know that emotional storytelling and eye-popping creative can in fact make more impact in a B2B environment than anywhere else. The agency’s latest film for Maersk is a case in point. An enigmatic and highly cinematic look into the future of logistics.

One thing is for sure, it’s pretty likely to stand out on LinkedIn.

Peter Dinesen, Senior Copywriter and Partner at &Co:

“You can watch this film as a fast-paced action thriller about a world that is coming apart or you can see it as a straight story about four characters within logistics who have to deliver a package and need to connect the world in new ways… Maybe that’s the trick”.

Rasmus Philip, Media Strategist at &Co:

“On a platform like LinkedIn, people expect classical corporate updates and job posts. This campaign is far from what is expected. It breaks the conventional use of the platform.

We believe that our opportunity for creating dialogue with our global audience lies in a different place than what we have seen previously from other B2B campaigns. Ahead of us is a long-planned campaign period. While we plan for massive impact during this launch, we have also planned to keep our audience engaged over time, surprising and educating them through various forms of content”

Maersk is known to most people as the world’s biggest shipping company. However it’s undergoing a monumental business transformation to become instead known as the world’s most powerful and ‘connected’ logistics service provider connecting their customers’ supply chain all the way. The logistics partner of the future, with the visionary mindset to connect and completely integrate their customers’ supply chain.

&Co is helping the logistics giant to reinvent and redefine their positioning and are making a strategic transformation framework – at scale. As well as creating all the content and communication to do so. This transformation, led by &Co, covers the breadth of the entire 80.000 employee-organization of, and it informs both internal and external communication in a fundamental way. A huge undertaking – which of course needs a piece of hero content to kick it off. &Co is known for emotional storytelling for the digital age, in this case the agency has taken a business message and cast it in a unique and surprising light.

Anne With Damgaard, Head of Marketing Activation at Maersk:

“Much like we did with the global campaign and predecessor “This is Your Brain” – quoted to be one of the best performing campaigns on LinkedIn ever, we are pushing the limit for how a corporate message can be delivered. At Maersk we are on a continuous journey of transforming our business and ”Connect your world in new ways” is the second burst to communicate the Maersk brand platform ”All the way”

The new campaign launched on June 29th on LinkedIn, backed by a distribution model and media plan to ensure global impact. Directed by Danish feature Film Director, Christoffer Boe, produced by Circus Alphaville.


Mærsk : Connect your world in new ways

  • Creative Director: Thomas Hoffmann
  • Art Director: Claus Collstrup
  • Copywriter: Peter Dinesen
  • Media Strategist: Rasmus Philip
  • Account Director: Pernille Ryder
  • Account Manager: Eva Rabenhøj
  • Strategic Planner: Mathias Birkvad
  • Strategic Director: Ørnulf Johnsen
  • Project Manager: Nusha Haghighi
  • Project Manager: Katrine Ringsing
  • Visual Creative: Anders Martin Jensen
  • Project Manager: Sofie Hansen
  • Final art: Kenneth Andersen
  • Agency Producer: Lene Meyer
  • Agency Film editor: Julius Mydtskov
  • Executive Producer: Morten Hoffmann Larsen
  • Line Producer: Anders Hynding
  • Director: Christoffer Boes