An ING campaign signed by Romanian Jazz, directed by Sune Sorensen

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Director Sune Sorensen teamed up with Romanian independent agency Jazz on a delightful campaign with slightly oddball, albeit very lovable, characters in “Do Your Thing” for ING.

The spots portray atypical heroes diving into their hobbies or rather their “things”. From a homemade recreating of an exotic paradise to the curious musings of a plant enthusiast.

ING – Do Your Thing from Sune Sorensen on Vimeo.

Director Sune Sorensen:

“It’s not everyday you see such a lighthearted and fresh approach but rarer still to see it in the financial sector or banking. So it’s a brave effort from ING and thankfully the early results already look very promising.” 

The film was shot in Bucharest with MME Film and actors Florin Fratila and Viorel Ionesco during the recent re-opening after months of covid lockdown. 

“I took the characters very seriously because I find them lovable and wonderful even if they do go to the extremes. So I wanted to be there with them to get a sense of immersion and immediacy, which I, then, aimed to achieve with a one-take approach”.

Production conditions are tremendously complicated these days, so the ambitious undertaking didn’t go entirely without hiccups.

“We needed to invent new mounts and rigs, bring a crane and 7 tons of water in a 3 ton pool to a derelict rooftop that had grass and plants coming out from the cracked surface and not least we needed to convey the stories in a limited amount of time without editing. All of which I’m sure added a few grey hairs to the producers. But I take pride in that.” 

This campaign is part of a new platform from ING and was developed by Romanian independent agency Jazz, lead by award-winning ECD, Valentin Suciu. It marks the first collaboration between the agency and Sorensen.

The campaign runs on TV, cinema, and online.

ING – Do Your Thing from Sune Sorensen on Vimeo.

The press release with full credits is available here