Romanian online platform Casta launches InstaBuy service

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Real estate platform Casta (part of Neogen group controlled by the Romanian entrepreneur Calin Fusu) launched InstaBuy, innovative online service that offers apartments owners a fast, safe and confortable solution to sell their place in record time. becomes the first real esteate portal in Romania and one of the few in Europe that are buying apartments put up for sale by owners with cash payments.

This solution comes as a response to the difficulties faced by owners when it comes of fast selling their apartments, especially during those Covid ridden times. The number of the sold apartments in Romania in Q2 2020 decreased 20,4% compared with Q1 and by 16% compared to the same period last year, according to official data. Moreover, the sales time increased, on average, from 100 days and market data shows that 3 out 10 apartments put up for sale are bought in less then 3 months from announcement publishing, especially as most are bought with real estate credits.

With InstaBuy, owners have now at hand a digital solution to sell apartments in a very short time, based on a correct evaluation in report with the offers on the market and based on pre-established criteria. Casta’s solution targets owners of apartments in Bucharest and both the owned estates and those that are covered by bank mortage.

Horea Crăciun, directorul general al

„Casta makes the first step towards digitazing the apartment sales, becoming the first iBuyer in Romania and one of the few in Europe. Practically, we are using tech to generate InstaBuy offers for apartments in Bucharest, looking to cover owners’ needs by making the sale process more efficient. People are expecting today for any transaction – including an apartment sale – to be made in short time and without too much trouble. In many industries, we are noticing already an increase of the transactions assisted by technology and many consumers wish for this kind of innovation also in the real estate sector”

To benefit of InstaBuy solution, the owners have to request an offer on, offering all the details of the apartment. In top 3 days, they are receiving an offer of guaranteed price, with cash payment, for their estate, in a simple and transparent manner, and have the guarantee that they can close the transaction in short time (up to 7 days when it comes of apartments that aren’t under mortage), without too much trouble with visits and direct negociations with potential buyers. The owners can accept or not the offer they receive from