Cooking with 68 kg of food, to show how many meals an average Slovenian wastes per year – a Futura DDB campaign

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On the 16th of September renowned Slovenian chef Marko Pavčnik collaborated with the grocery store Spar Slovenia to create a unique experiment. It was based on a national research that showed that an average Slovenian wastes as much as 68 kg of food per year and it aimed to put this staggering number into perspective by showing how many meals such a large amount of food can produce.

Chef Pavčnik first carefully created the recipe, wrote down the ingredients on a shopping list and went to the Interspar store, where he gathered 68 kg of food. He then brought the food back to his restaurant’s kitchen, where he, together with his team, started working on a special equation; how many meals can be made out of the amount of food a single Slovenian wastes in a year.

The result: 68 kg of raw food can be made into as much as 257 quality meals. That is the exact number of pasta salads chef Pavčnik and his team produced in this experiment and the food did not go to waste. In cooperation with the Slovene Philanthropy, all of the meals were donated to socially disadvantaged families.

Chef Pavčnik stated:

“Project 68 kg was created to bring awareness to the topic of food waste. We wanted to directly show just how much potentially nutritious meals goes to waste,”

Janja Štular, Marketing Director Spar Slovenia, said:

“The result of the project 68 kg truly shocked us and it shined the light on the reality of food waste. It is not just about the numbers, but about real, nutritious meals that could be spent better with some careful planning. And that is something we have to be continuously aware about.”

More about the experiment, in the case movie below:

Agency: Futura DDB, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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