Leroy Merlin, partnership with tech start-up Innoship to better delivery management

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French retailer Leroy Merlin signed, in Romania, a partnership with Innoship, a startup that received its most recent financing round to became the biggest aggregator for fast delivery options in CEE. Starting November, Innoship will manage orders delivery from Leroy’s 18 stores in Romania and the online orders, representing an essential step from a more extensive strategic plan to develop Leroy’s ecommerce platform.

Innoship developed a SAAS type solution which allows the access for retail and ecommerce platforms to administrate efficiently their own courier contracts and the multiple delivery options through machine learning algorithms.

The startup was founded last year and had an impressive rate of adoption on the market. In the start of 2020, Innoship implemented the solution for its first clients and, now, it manages over 20,000 orders a day. Besides Leroy, the platform manages the interactions with courier services for : Miniprix, Zapatos, B-mall.ro, Kalapod, OLX, Depanero, Network One Distribution, Dentstore, Oralix, Topline, Xpertbeauty.ro, Arco Expert, Algernon, Green-Future.ro, Mezoni.ro, Generalmotor, Elefant, Studio Moderna and many more.

Daniel Nicolae, CEO and Co-Fondator Innoship

„We had 2 reasons of joy when we finalized signing the partnership with Leroy Merlin. Of course, the first is that we managed to join our forces with (….) a company that managed in its almost 10 years on Romanian market to offer a big variety of products, at accessible prices, but also when it comes of solutions for house and garden. The second motiv is that we found in Leroy Merlin a partner that understand very well the importance of the experience offered to the clients, which is also in Innoship’s DNA.”

Frédéric Lamy, General Manager Leroy Merlin

First, we are happy that Leroy Merlin becomes, through this partnership, a supporter of Romanian startups. The partnership with Innoship sets up the basis for a major logistic development, being, without a doubt, an important step in satisfying the needs of our clients. We are convinced that, together, we will identify the proper solutions, adapted to the delivery market in Romania

Innoship is making more efficient the costs related to the courier services by over 25% and increase of the delivery performance with over 15%, through a dynamic allocation of orders depending on criteria selected by the retail on the platform. The company aims to become the biggest aggregator of delivery options in CEE.