Moorland Property Solutions Ltd. becomes the first UK property company to showcase its space through the PropTech platform Bright Spaces

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Romanian PropTech startup Bright Spaces signs its first client in the UK, after having already validated its solution locally. Through this partnership, Manchester based property company Moorland Property Solutions Ltd. takes an important step toward digitization and will start using the platform developed by Bright Spaces to showcase their office building at Brickfield Business Centre, Northwich, this December 2020. 

Bright Spaces is a PropTech startup launched in Bucharest, Romania in 2019. It develops the first complete digital showcasing platform for office spaces, thus creating a smoother and optimized leasing process for tenants, agents, and landlords. The solution is based on interactivity, virtual reality, 3D renderings, and automation and it can be used for any space, no matter the size or location. 

This year, Bright Spaces was part of the 8th cohort of the Pi Labs Accelerator and it has already validated its solution in Romania, where it closed partnerships with renowned developers.

Brickfield Business Centre, Northwich provides modern studio spaces which have been comprehensively refurbished and now offer high quality business space in a gated and landscaped environment close to major transport links. The space design offers the ultimate in flexibility and is available in any combination of studio space from 1,000 sq ft to 16,000 sq ft. This is a unique offer in the locality. 

Once the platform is implemented, it will:

  • Increase the number of qualified leads who ask for a live tour of the building
  • Give potential occupiers and agents the possibility to visualize available spaces with various fit-out options, in 2D, 3D, and first person virtual tour
  • Optimize time for the Leasing Department by digitizing manual tasks

Furthermore, the solution implemented by Bright Spaces is characterized through the following features:

  • 3D building with advanced search for all types of floors & floor splits
  • 3D & VR full-floor view with 3 different fit-out proposals
  • 3D & VR split-floor view with 1 fit-out proposal
  • Visit & Offer request on each floor or split-floor
  • Notifications when a visit or offer request is received
  • Admin panel for all visit and offer requests
  • HOT creation feature
  • Location & surroundings digital mapping for the building
  • Images/videos/360 gallery 

”We have developed a business centre which offers the ultimate in flexibility, however it is sometimes difficult for non property people to visualize how the space could work for them. Bright Spaces have developed a solution for this problem. Using their advanced technology, potential occupiers will be able to virtually walk through the space at Brickfield Business Centre, Northwich which will be digitally formatted to suit their requirements, before their eyes. Occupiers won’t have to imagine how the space can work for them, the Bright Spaces software will show them. We’re excited to see what Bright Spaces will create for us and to see how it will assist our marketing process. We see this as being the first step in a long and fruitful relationship.”, said Oliver Moorhouse, Director, Moorland Property Solutions Ltd

”We are excited to close our first partnership in the UK and we are proud to be trusted by Moorland Property Solutions Ltd.. It is a big step for us, as we aim to enter more international markets and to make this solution accessible to any potential client that wants to visualize an office space in a safe, digital, and innovative way. We are looking forward to launching the platform together with our partner and we are positive that remote 3D showcasing will become the standard in this industry.”- says Bogdan Nicoara, CEO & Co-founder at Bright Spaces.

The tailored solution for Brickfield Business Centre, Northwich will be available starting with December 2020 and it is expected to increase the number of relevant enquiries. For Bright Spaces, future plans include further expansion in the UK and other European countries as well as global partnerships.