HAMLET Brings Anarchy to Belgium Households for Mega

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Many Belgians have had the same energy supplier for years, and tend not to question the bill. Energy provider Mega has come along to disrupt the market by offering consumers savings of up to 700 Euros a year, causing anarchy in Belgian households with a new campaign created by DDB Belgium and directed by comedic storyteller Fred de Loof through HAMLET.

In Mega’s first ever TV campaign on air now, shavers, vacuum cleaners, toasters, cookers, fans decide they’ve had enough of being fed over-priced electricity, and riot in favour of switching to Mega.

Kwint De Meyer, Creative Director DDB Brussels commented: “The way Fred interpreted the script immediately appealed to us: with humour and the necessary dose of horror. From the fire-breathing gas basin, to the toast-shooting toaster to the vomiting hoover we wanted the finished spot to be completely live action rather than VFX in post-production, which Fred and HAMLET delivered beautifully. 

HAMLET director Fred de Loof said: “It’s always fun to create these kinds of films, especially when also the the client wasn’t blocked by fear and gave full confidence to the director and creatives.”

The spot is airing across Belgium now.

HAMLET is an international production company for branded film and video content. Founded in 2015 by Executive Producers Ruben Goots and Jason Felstead, HAMLET quickly grew to be a global presence in the advertising industry and operates out of Brussels, Berlin and most recently Shanghai. HAMLET represents a well-known, award winning roster of Directors to create best in class campaigns with the world’s leading agencies and top brands.